Today I am sat at my desk with a pair of jeans, boots, vest top, long-sleeved t-shirt and a hoody on. My fingernails are purple with cold. I am also sat with a hot water bottle on my lap, while that is for ‘secret women’s business’, I am glad of its warmth. Tomorrow will be warmer, Sunday will be 28c, but today it’s f-f-f-freezing.

As I was getting Peanut’s shoes on today, he managed to pee out the side of his nappy, so I had to get him changed. I’m running out of trousers for him because he’s had a growth spurt and they’re all a bit short. In theory, he should’ve been in shorts most days by now, but today he’s been sent in to nursery in a pair of ankle-flappers. Poor boy. He’s got heaps of summer stuff ready and waiting, but while we’re getting the odd hot day or two, we’re not getting consistent warm weather, so his little tracksuit pants which should have been relegated to the charity bag are still in heavy use.

I listened to Woman’s Hour as I was getting ready for work today, they were talking about cashmere Christmas jumpers. Right now, I’d love one.

What do you think..?

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