Trying to print off the Christmas letter this morning sneakily at work, it gets jammed in the printer. When I say jammed, I mean open and close every moveable part of the printer to free the pages. Whoops. Still, it is done now and the cards are in the post. Hoorah. Will PDF it and attach it to a million emails later tonight. I asked Hubs if he like how Christmas was happening around him as I wrapped presents last night. I was joking but he got a bit sniffy and said ‘Have you asked for help?’

See women, this is the secret to abolishing martyrdom. You can complain and carry on, but if you don’t ask for help, you don’t get it, men will carry on regardless. At the moment, mine is addicted to Nemo’s Reef on the iPad O.o Don’t set your life up so that you do everything. By all means, model the behaviour that you want, but don’t whinge to your girlfriends about a lack of help round the house if you don’t point and ask for the vacuuming to be done for you.

Any hoo, I lost an hour last night, it was 8pm, then it was 9pm and I don’t know what happened in between. I know I got lots done though, which is the main thing. And the butcher’s sausages were nice too for our dinner. I meant to get some risotto out the freezer for Peanut and I tonight, but I forgot. We’re on our own, as it’s Hubs turn for an eye test tonight.

Really exciting update for y’all today isn’t it? Sorry folks, hopefully something interesting will happen that I can report on.

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