Stormy weather

And so it shall be. After a couple of days of hot weather, there shall be storms ahead. I’m sat watching the trees wave around again, it’s heaved it down with rain and there is more leaf debris all over the roads. The sky was as black as your hat, and while the worst of it looks like it’s past, there is another front marching in for later on. We keep telling ourselves it’s good for the garden, but I’m wearing boots and a jumper today; which in summer, I wasn’t expecting to be doing.

I had a great day yesterday, I got all my work done in the morning. Including uploading 40odd presentations to the intranet from a recent conference. Not as simple as it sounds as the intranet is the document management system too, so a lot of different fields in the database need to be completed so the search function can find them quickly, I was tabbing away with gusto and was able to type the name of the conference in about 2 seconds by the end of it. I then left just before noon to await an engineer to look at the dishwasher. Between 12 and 5pm is a long time, so I couldn’t let the nursery know when I could collect Peanut, I had to put ‘TBC’ and just call them when I had a better idea.

I got home, had a nice lunch, listened to the News Quiz then pottered around the house waiting for the tradie to arrive. While I waited I vacuumed and mopped all the floors, much easier without a toddler in the way and much nicer than trying to mop at 10pm before we go to bed like we normally end up doing. I opened all the doors and windows, sheer bliss. I did some ironing, wrapped Christmas presents and cleaned the kitchen.

When the machine was looked at, relief! There was no fault, just some water that had come out over the drawer and triggered the sensor, but as it was so hot, the leak had dried out on its own. It got a clean bill of health, but at 4:20pm there was no point me going back to work to leave half an hour later. I toddled off to collect Peanut a bit early and we headed to the shopping centre.

We popped into the dry cleaners, he chatted to Ivy the lady in the shop, she’s a nice lady and always asks after Peanut if he’s not with me. We then queued in the Post Office, he waited really nicely, considering all the contraband at eye level at this time of year. I only had to ask him to keep his hands down once, he then was happy pointing and asking ‘What’s this?’ We then did some grocery shopping, he chatted all the way around, we kept bumping into the same couple who by the end of the trip were grinning at him. I know I’m biased, but he really is a lovely child. We then whizzed upstairs to try to find some toys for Kris Kringle / Secret Santa presents. I also managed to secrete a helicopter toy for him into the trolley without him seeing. Earning a parenting stripe in the process. Although having pressed a button and been serenaded in a squeaky, sing-song voice, the batteries are definitely coming out… I have no tolerance for naff. Poor thing did really well considering he said ‘I tired’ in the car on the way home.

We managed to get him fed, washed and dressed and into bed on time. He went out like a light, but this morning Peanut was again complaining of being tired. I’ve just called his nursery, he was running around the room when I spoke to them. But they think he’ll crash out soon after, if not during, lunch. I’ve said to just let him sleep instead of waking him up after an hour today. I don’t know if he’s tired because it’s been hot and stuffy, or he’s tired because he’s coming down with something. We’ve got a couple of people off work at the moment with sore throats, so there’s a bug floating around.

Last night the cat got stuck in one of the cupboards in the kitchen. He can open them up to get in and investigate, (heaven alone knows what he thinks he’s going to find in them), sometimes they stay open, but this time it shut on him. Considering he hurls himself at the spare room door to open it to sleep in the afternoon sun, I don’t know why he couldn’t get it open. But at 2:08am, I didn’t care. Last night was not a good night’s sleep all round in our house, we all struggled to get out of bed this morning.

We’ve got sausages from the butcher again for dinner tonight though, which will improve everyone’s mood. I get something gluten free and tasty, with lots of wholegrain mustard, Peanut gets his favourite pork product and Hubs gets mashed potatoes and gravy. As I sit here eating fat organic strawberries from the farmers market, I’m counting my blessings we live in such an abundant area, meaning we are able to source a lot of our food locally. Yesterday I won a competition at work for consistently bringing in breakfast, snacks and lunch to work in sustainable containers. I do it anyway, but having to take a picture of everything I brought over a week in kept me accountable and reinforced that it is cheaper. I’ve had no money in my wallet for about a week and a half, but as I’ve got tea bags in my drawer, fruit on the windowsill, I’ve not once felt hungry or missed out on hot drinks.

I have broken the coffee and chocolate habit too. It didn’t take long, only a week or so, I now have a coffee if we’re out, and not every time, as a treat. And chocolate I’ve not had in ages. Go me. Mind you, my back is that sore and stiff from the training day I attended a couple of weeks ago, the only exercise I’m allowed to do is walking. So the seven minute routine I’d been happily doing has had to stop.

My buzzer has gone, thank you for spending my tea break with me.

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