If you have to rush in life, rush slowly

Just heard this quote on the Saturday Live podcast, and loved it instantly.

Hubs and I had a busy, but lovely, weekend catching up on admin tasks as we prepare for Christmas. We’re still feeling calm and collected about it all. As you may be aware the Ashes series is under way, with the second Test starting in Adelaide later this week. Hubs has two tickets for Boxing Day and the 27 December in the Members at the MCG. He’s taking Hanno with him (side note – grrrrr. I don’t know when I’m going to get to see any cricket at the G this season at all), yesterday I said ‘I know you want to watch the cricket, but please don’t be there till the bitter end on the 27 December’. He gave me a blank look. I said ‘We’ve got Christmas lunch at ours on the 28 December?’ He said ‘There is no need to worry. It will all be done.’

And both of us believe that. Yes, we’ve still got presents to buy, we’ve still got cards to write and send off, but we’ve got time slots blocked out to do the tasks in. As the dishwasher went phut yesterday and I need to stay home to wait for the engineer, I’ve got an extra five hours at home to do stuff on the list as well. The dishwasher worked ok, completed a cycle then through a hissy fit and refused to play after that. I turned the power off, turned the water off and waited five minutes, turned it all back on again, same error message came up, back to dish pan hands for us till tomorrow at least.

Saturday we were in and out of the car to the point where we had to bribe Peanut with an ice cream to get him back in it at one point. The poor boy was asking ‘Home?’ every time we got back in the car. We were charging around all over the place. We went swimming, came home showered, and went back out again. We ordered the meat for Christmas, brought a new DVD player/DAB digital radio/stereo. Loving the sound quality, and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark looked amazing too. And it’s so quiet! We also went to a garden centre and some shops. On a hot day too. Yesterday was even hotter, we again were in and out the house, I was mostly doing the big clean of the living room in preparation for Christmas decorations going up. Hubs was tidying the front garden and Peanut helped both of us. He was sweeping leaves with gusto outside, then cleaned the windows inside with me, helped with the vacuuming and was jumping up and down with excitement as the tree went up. For a bit of a break, we sat down on the couch and watch Lion King and made paper chains, he’d stick his tongue out, I’d loop them round. It worked well.

Sunday again we whizzed around the countryside, the Yarra Valley was beautiful in the summer sunshine. Winning parents of the year award, we forgot Peanut’s hat, so spent five minutes negotiating with him to find one he approved of to wear. Thank goodness we don’t have a girl. He walked most of the time, but every so often had to be carried, he’s getting to 15kg now, (33lb) and it is nearly too much for me to carry for any length of time now. My osteopath would certainly be happier, I’m seeing her tonight. I’ve already warned Hubs I may well have to go straight to bed. I can’t believe how wiped out I am after each treatment.

I’m also trialling monthly disposable contact lenses. I didn’t realise how often I was pushing my glasses up, I’ve just prodded the bridge of nose – again! It is taking a real conscious effort when I take them out to not throw them away each evening. Only one person has noticed I’m not in glasses today, but daft bird that I am, I forgot to bring in a set of glasses in case my eyes get too tired wearing them.

If you have to rush in life, rush slowly.

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