Headache – redux

I woke up with another one this morning. Which is mightily unfair.

I’d been for a walk in the late afternoon for the White Ribbon Campaign. A broiling hot day in Melbourne, as we toddled around the oval where it was being held, the sun beating off our heads, I was very glad I’d gone back for my hat and smothered both Peanut and I in sunscreen. We did two laps, then I asked him if he wanted an ice cream, we walked up to the garage, then came back and sat in the shade to eat them. The banana paddle pop running stickily down my fingers faster than he could eat it. We then did another lap, the sun was now lower so not as hot and lots of big black clouds were lining up on the horizon bringing the temperature down to a comfortable level. Peanut asked to watch the band play, getting him out his buggy he danced a bit, ran around a bit, then decided he wanted to go home.

I took his sandals off in the car; he promptly proclaimed them ‘Evil’ – where he got that word from heaven alone knows. As I carried him to the front door he announced he wanted some risotto. Hubs opened the door, I delivered the food order to be told, ‘That’s handy as that is what I’d got ready for him!’ I love the way Peanut rolls the word around in his mouth pursing his lips to get the ‘o’s out.

We pottered around the house, Hubs finished going through his wardrobe, we’ve now filled our bin bag of charity donations. We had a nice dinner, I talked with my cousin, did some ironing and stripped the bed. We’d had a nice night, not the best sleep, but still to wake up feeling rough all over again was maddening. I honestly don’t know what caused it, and I’ve given up trying to guess. This morning the weather is blowy with showers, but big fat raindrops, so maybe it’s the weather setting me off.

Today I’d planned on doing a 500cal fast from lunchtime to lunchtime tomorrow. I will have to see how I’m feeling after lunch before I commit to it, I may need to defer it 24 hours.

What do you think..?

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