Coffee and chocolate update

I know these posts are boring, but they’re holding me accountable, so I’m sorry – you’ll have to put up with them.

I’ve had no coffee or coke since Tuesday this week. I’ve also had no chocolate since Friday last week. I had a couple of glasses of red wine last night at the concert, no doubt contributing to the go slow I’m on today *cough*

Tonight I’m at home and will do a quick home blessing, some ironing and get organised for tomorrow. It feels like it should be Friday today, which means I need to make sure I am up and not getting ready to take Peanut swimming in the morning. This week I’ve updated the control journal for our Christmas preparations, and we’re on track. Huzzah. I now need to think about what pictures and stories to add to the annual letter, so when the cards arrive, we’re good to go.

I am sure men think that Christmas just appears, but don’t really know what goes into the preparation of it all. This year is different though, as both Hubs and I have gone through the control journal together and have planned everything together. It’s the first Christmas Peanut is aware of what is going on too, which is lovely, yet scary as we head into the Santa Claus issue well and truly next year…

Any hoo, this break is over, work awaits.

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