On calories

An email from a friend when I talked about cutting out coffee and coke and ergo the calories they contain therein, told me off for calorie counting. I am not calorie counting per se, but I do want to get back to doing the 500cal fast diet. Fast as in not eating, not in speedy, so I need to be aware of what foods contain.

I brought a set of plate scales yesterday, as I’m sorry the thermomix scales just don’t cut it for me. They’re supposed to be great, but I’m not convinced as yet. I digress, when you’re calculating 500cal, you need to be accurate. I looked up soy latte today, between 170-190 calories depending on what website you go to. That’s the equivalent of a meal over a fasting 24 hours. Best I don’t look up coke, because if I read what else is contained in it, I know I’d be horrified. I’ve already stopped having the odd can of Dr Pepper, again after reading the label, so why not coke?

I don’t know. Because sometimes I have the willpower of a gnat? Because it is there? Not any more, we’ve got one little bottle left and when Hubs has drunk that today, I am not buying any more. He doesn’t go grocery shopping by choice, so I should be able to now keep it out the house. I know if you make better decisions before you get home with the groceries, you’re less likely to eat things you don’t want to.

This week I rearranged the pantry, clearing the majority of one shelf off to hold supplies for this week’s meals. Although cooking the risotto last night went out the window as I was feeling more than a bit queasy. I will get Hubs to make it tonight instead. We’re running down our freezer supplies in time to restock with Christmas goodies. We’re having the family dinner at our house on the 28 December this year.

Yesterday I went shopping with Peanut and brought 2 Christmas puddings, mince pies, crackers, nibbles and other non-perishable (ish) goodies. Next week we’ll get the condiments in and so on, spreading the love and the load.

At the checkout, Peanut grabbed the grocery divider doofee, seeing it was hollow held it up to his mouth and “do do do doooo’d” through it. The lady in front of us evidently found it hilarious, as she was laughing and laughing at him. He then charmed the lady behind us for good measure. He’s such a flirt.

Don’t know where he gets that from!

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