Tuesday musings

Stubbornness is only taking me so far. I’ve not had chocolate since last week. But the coffee thing isn’t going as well. I had two yesterday at my training day. This morning I announced in the kitchen ‘Today I am not having a coffee!’ I did announce it to Hubs and Peanut, not just the cat by the way. But less than three hours later, one strong soy latte to go.

Bad Maddie.

Tomorrow I won’t buy one, I promise.

Today I did my exercises for the first time since Friday. I had the weekend off because Hubs really hasn’t been well. That has no bearing on me exercising in the morning, but drinking lots of red wine in front of Miss Marple in the evening does. Ahem. And then I forgot yesterday, as I wasn’t going into the office, but heading off-site to a training day which threw my routine out of whack, so I forgot my medicine in the morning as well.

Hubs went to the GP yesterday, he’s been signed off work until Thursday this week with gastroenteritis. Only the ‘other’ end so not as contagious, but from Friday morning last week he’s not eaten anything more than toast. While he’s looking trim, (last count he was down 7kg or 15lb in old money), he’s as weak as a kitten. We’ve been keeping him quarantined down one end of the house, so far neither Peanut nor I have shown any signs of getting the bug (thank goodness). But Peanut’s nursery on are standby, the minute he’s not looking well, or has a remotely dodgy nappy, they’re to call me and I’m going to collect him. It doesn’t help that he’s going through one of his not-eating stages, where it’s all we can do to get him to eat.

I asked him last night if he wanted sausages for dinner, he shook his head and said ‘No.’ I asked him ‘Who are you and what have you done with Peanut?’ which made Hubs laugh. I gave up trying to get him to eat dinner last night, but he was quite happy having crackers, cheese and crudités, then grapes and melon to follow. He slept through till 5:45, woo-hoo, and came in to tell me he was hungry. He didn’t want grek-fuss though, he wanted dinner. He did eat some cereal this morning, but wasn’t having any grapes when they were offered, or toast. I’m not too worried, he has stages where he eats more than I do, and while the timing of this stage isn’t great, he is as bright as a button at nursery.

I’m going to do some parental bragging now, forgive me, or skip over this paragraph. On Friday, there was a new member of staff in Peanut’s room at nursery, she is one of the relief staff, so will only being coming in every so often. As I arrived at the time she wanted to change his nappy I went in the bathroom with her, as he’d already seen me and all hell breaks loose otherwise. They’ve got little stickers under the shelf and above the change mat, which change periodically as the children peel them off. I peered underneath to see if there were some new ones up there, which there were. We were looking at the animals on the stickers, I was asking him what they were, and helping him out with ostrich, as oppose to emu, when she said that she couldn’t believe how smart Peanut was. She was reading a book with him and some of the other children, he was naming everything in it. She said he was also chattering constantly telling everyone what was happening, what he was doing, tell me about it, as it is a running commentary at home as well. Then yesterday when I collected him earlier than normal, again he was having his bum changed, but he hadn’t seen me, so when he shot out the door as they were playing outside he whooped with joy when he saw me. Nothing more gratifying than that when you’ve had a Monday, I can tell you. Anyway, one of the other ladies in his room was on bathroom patrol, when I said to Peanut ‘Say goodbye to Miranda please’ she said, ‘He is such a lovely, happy, placid little boy, we really love having him here. He plays so nicely, says please and thank you and is so happy, all the time.’

Things like that make it easier for me to hand him over in the mornings. It is a decision that not everyone agrees with, but it is the only option to us and we’re doing the best we can. Because I’m now working just down the road, I get to spend so much more time with him it’s lovely.

I’ve nearly filled the screen with wittering already and I’ve not even told you about my training yesterday. Where we live is close to a bush fire prone area, we lost a lot of acreage in the 2009 fires, the training yesterday was for setting up an emergency relief centre. Councils and government agencies are working together to be slightly more organised, so the confusion and chaos that exacerbated an awful fire season is not repeated. The training was interesting, yet also frustrating.

I know this is not the same situation nor on the same scale, but working in leisure centres, especially one that had four pools, a gym, sports hall and café, staff training was held on two Saturday’s a month and you were expected to attend one, or both, otherwise you couldn’t work on poolside. We went over and over situations, random, stupid, daft, but the point was when we needed to act, we did so automatically to clear the building as quickly and as easily as possible. We didn’t shut down, we still assessed what we needed to do, but the training was enough to know if we had to go in to initiate a rescue, we were secure in the knowledge that our team members would work around us to sort everyone else out. Not like one other centre I worked in where I was Duty Manager, but on poolside relieving a break. I hit the alarm, went in to get a child out the pool then walked dripping to reception, in my frickin skirt and shirt to wonder why the support staff hadn’t arrived for the receptionist to say ‘Was that a real incident then?’

After yesterday, I am not sure that everything has been thought of. I am not sure that wheels will automatically turn in motion, because there are too many people who have been through it in 2009 and are still working here, who are all full of ideas of how it should be done, but not sharing that with others higher up the planning process. Or don’t need to be told what to do, as they’ve already lived through it. Neither of which are helpful positions to be in.

What do you think..?

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