An early night

This should have gone up on Thursday, and I didn’t finish it, but here it is – whoops!

It has been an odd week at home. Hubs in particular has not been sleeping well, so he requested an early night last night. Fine by me!

We packed Peanut off to bed at 7pm as normal, he went out after two readings of Dinosaur Roar, which he’s nearly learnt the words of and adores. One reading each of Hairy McClary, Where Is The Green Sheep and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. The last two books are the two we always finish on, tempering our interaction and silly voices as we get closer to the end of the bed time routine. So from roaring and squeaking dinosaurs and e-enacting Scarface Claw and hurtling back home to bed in Hairy McClary, we then end up almost monotone and whispering ‘this little baby, as everyone knows, has ten little fingers and ten little toes’. Peanut visibly calms down as we go, begins playing with his hair and yawning and by the time we’ve finished is nice and somnolent.

By 8pm, both adults were also asleep. It was still light when we turned our bedside lights out, so I closed the bathroom and bedroom doors and until 2am when Peanut woke us up to be resettled. The cat decided that 2am would also be a good time to chase a pair of socks around the house, but as we’d had the best part of six hours uninterrupted, it was ok. We were then woken again at 5am by the wee man, who was up and raring to go. Hubs was still on a go slow, so took him in to nursery for me as he didn’t leave the house till nearly 7am. At least when I was doing my plank a day, I didn’t have a toddler hanging on for the ride as well. It’s hard enough doing it on its own, let alone with another 14kg to support.

This weekend we’ve got a friend coming up to stay with her three children. It will be chaotic, but we’ll cope. Hubs is going to put the cot back together for her youngest tonight. I hope the weather is at least dry so we can get them out to run around downstairs if not out for a walk with them all.

I’m up to the third Reith Lecture and am a little bit in love with Grayson Perry now. I looked on Tumblr while having my breakfast this morning, not very Zen I know eating and surfing, I’m sorry. But I found this conversation with Grayson Perry and Brian Eno, from The New Statesman, (which I think I’m going to have to subscribe to the amount of times I’ve found myself being redirected to it in the past six weeks). I also have a schwarm for Brian Eno, he’s such a clever, innovative producer and writer.

What do you think..?

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