Getting there, slowly and up a hill

I’m going to see where this takes me and think of a title later.

We had a good weekend, it didn’t start off great with a poopsplosion from Peanut, which cancelled his swimming class. But we had a lazy Saturday morning at home while Hubs ran around a cricket pitch. Peanut and I both had a good sleep in the early afternoon, I was in dire need of catching up with some zzzz’s and relished the couple of hours in my bed. After we’d got up we walked down to Greensborough Plaza. Down being the operative word, we’re on the top of a hill, the town proper is on a gentle incline after you’ve gone down into practically a valley. Walking down was no problem, we chatted about the cars, trucks, buses and so on passing us on the road. I then puffed my way up the hill to the shopping centre, brought a coffee and sank into a chair with relief.

I should explain, Hubs had the car, hence the walk.

We needed to get another quilt set for Peanut’s bed, I wanted to get some Christmas decorations Peanut could assemble to send back to the UK. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute, but there weren’t any in the shops before now before you nag me. We then had a look at the fish in the pet shop and walked home again. Up the hill. Not so much chatting was happening on the way home, so I gave Peanut a book to look at as I couldn’t really talk to him, what with 14kg of toddler, a pushchair, some shopping and mountain to climb.

When we got home one set of Grandparents had been patiently waiting to talk to us via Skype, instead of just being able to open it, I had to download yet another update to the sodding thing. I spend more time faffing around with the program than using it now. It’s taken over from Adobe being the most updated piece of software on the computer. We had a lovely chat to them, Hubs also arrived home in time to talk to his Dad, which was a bonus. We then watched the second half of City Slickers, such a good film.

Sunday arrived, chilly and fresh. This week we’ve had the heating on, the air-conditioning on, and then the heating back on again. We put a blanket back on our bed at the end of the week, after kicking off the duvet because it was too hot to sleep under. Melbourne’s weather is great fun, I thought I needed layers in the UK, but nothing like this.

I was catching up with a couple of friends for lunch, Hubs took Peanut out to the Rotary Festival in Eltham, they saw animals, had ice creams, watched the older children on rides and had a great boys day out. My parents in the UK then had a video call with us three as we were just finishing dinner. Peanut took a while to warm up, he didn’t want to say hello to them to start off with, but when Granny asked him what he’d been doing today, Hubs began to tell them, then Peanut interrupted him and talked non-stop for practically 10 minutes telling them everything. We had no idea what he was saying most of the time, he’s on the cusp of proper English from Toddler-speak, so we just got the odd word here and there. He told them about the weather, the animals, the car, the film he’d watched on DVD that morning, his books, you name it – he told them about it. The four of us were giggling like crazy. He’d finish what he was saying, remember something else and off he went again. Peanut had a bath, got into his PJs and then went to bed, all on the same call. It was a lovely hour to end the week and mum and dad said it made their day. My mum is arriving in January for about three weeks, so we’re already starting to prepare Peanut for the visit, as he’s only used to seeing her in a screen.

I’ve been exercising every day since Wednesday last week. My clothes are already fitting better, and I am not aching as much as I was when I first started (thank goodness). I’m off to the gym tonight for some longer cardio work, a podcast on, off I go on bike cycling like mad to nowhere. I’m hoping to get a swim in this week as well, but I’m going to use my Wednesday night off to see Captain Phillips at the cinema. Get me getting organised and sorting my life out…

What do you think..?

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