Ooof. Owee. Ouch. Om.

I have been doing the ‘scientific seven minute workout’ for the past couple of days. Alongside doing plank a day, I now ache in places I forgot I had and am walking like an old lady. Which I am, I’m nearly 40 you know! I like that the routine is just seven minutes, I can do it in my bedroom and it has an app that tells me what to do and counts down for me. I can’t say I’ve totally outsourced my exerciser routine, as I’m still doing it, but I’m getting all the help I can from an electronic gadget. Combining that with doing some heavier cardio work a couple of days a week at the gym or in the pool, and walking out each weekend. For the first time in years, and I mean years, I’m actually not feeling overwhelmed with fitting in something else to my life.

I know that sounds daft, but when you’re feeling flustered, it’s usually because you’ve got too much going on and you need to start thinking about dropping things and saying ‘no’ to re-prioritise what is important to you. I’m not feeling overwhelmed, I’m feeling remarkably relaxed, if a bit tired. I know that I’m back on anti-depressants so the evenness of mood is highly-dependant on the medication, but I know that exercise also helps. This past couple of weeks have been tough in our house and I have honestly realised I need to take better care of myself to be able to support Hubs and Peanut. I’m tired because it’s been busy and I’ve been going to bed a little later than my body would like.

One thing at a time though, the caffeine is next. I’m not supposed to drink coffee, but it was very easy to do when I worked in the city. Now we have two cafés close to work, but goodness their coffee is awful, but nevertheless, I’m still toddling over to get a couple a week. I know, I know, right? I have decaf in my drawer, so I’ve got no need to buy them at all. Likewise with cans of coke. Ahem. I hate the oxymoron of having a health and wellbeing policy, but also having a vending machine and fundraising chocolates all over the building. It’s too easy to buy crappy food in work places. I know there is this thing called will-power, but some days I’m all out of it. So I rely on my stubbornness instead.

From today, I am going to stubbornly refuse to buy stuff that won’t maintain or enhance my health. I went near enough vegan for ages preparing my baby garden for Peanut, so I know I can do it, it’s just all too easy to revert to convenience because it’s there.

So here else is what I’m planning on changing in my life over the coming months. Mainly so you can hold me accountable as well as myself nagging myself too:

· Reducing caffeine. Green and normal tea still have caffeine in, and while herbal teas may be improving, they’re still like drinking pot potpourri.

· Drinking more water. In line with the above, I’m going to stop drinking tea in the afternoons and up my water intake.

· Exercising daily. Even if it is only the seven minute workout and incidental exercise like housework.

· Properly implement FlyLady. More on this in other blog posts, I’m trialling it as part of Out On A Limb to see if it is feasible for a working family to do.

· Find a quiet time in my day, every day. Be it just before I go to sleep, or just after I wake up. I want to sit in stillness for at least 10 minutes.

There we have it. Bite-sized pieces, changing a little, but adding up to a lot. Have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Ooof. Owee. Ouch. Om.

  1. I snorted my tea (my only caffeine now since my body rejected coffee about 5 years ago) at the phrase “baby garden”! ;-)


  2. Would love to know more on this 7 minute work out Maddie, I struggle to get the motivation to exercise and the the Pilates class I have been attending just folded. 7 minutes is an amount of time even I could find.
    Nice to hear you sounding positive.


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