A funeral

Today I went to a friend’s mother in law’s funeral. I think I surprised Bec by going today, as I’d only met Veronica the once when she’d got married to Pete. Veronica was very proud to be at their wedding, despite not being in the best of health and not very mobile at the time. What was sweet about their day was lots of Bec and Pete’s friends speaking to her to ensure she was included, all day. Her death was sudden, despite the health problems she’d had; she’d literally spoken to someone a few hours before she passed, so the family were reeling today.

The service was sweet, simple, without any pomp or ceremony and was obviously difficult for Pete to get through as he delivered the eulogy for his mother. Candles were lit, words were spoken, hugs were shared. This blog isn’t to describe the day in detail, it’s not my place to. I just wanted to share this with you all:

As we leave this place

May you travel from here with a healing heart.

May love take you by the hand.

May you reflect on the beauty you have been given.

May you carry with strength your pain that is sacred.

When you feel that reality is too painful and no-one understands,

May you remember, the love of Veronica has helped you see more than can be seen.

When you cannot lift your eyes to the horizon,

Remember that what is fragile, what is important, is invisible.

May you be sustained by the Spirit of Love.

May you be enriched by the Spirit of Memory.

May you find laughter among your tears,

And encouragement in the faces of those who care for you.

I know I don’t normally name people on here, but I can’t for the life of me think of pseudonyms today. Both Bec and I have transplanted ourselves in Australia to be with the men we love, she said she’d spoken a lot to her mother back in Texas this past week. Leaving your family to create another family unit is hard work, and times like these serve to remind you, that while space and time may separate you from your loved ones. Love fills the space and time between you. Losing someone is hard, but it does remind you to value the people that are still with you, even if they’re miles away.

What do you think..?

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