Le weekend – Berrigan Races VI

We can’t believe we’ve been to six Berrigan races, and that Peanut has already been to three! I can remember sitting there feeding him, thinking thank goodness I’d not found a miniature jockey costume for him. This year, he was enamoured with the horses and apart from getting a bit excited and running off laughing, leaving us for dust (as you do when you’re two), was really well behaved. We had no tantrums, he was happy walking round, playing with his cars and climbing up and over a deck chair (as you do when you’re two), we had books and paper and pens in reserve, but didn’t really need them.

The weather was beautiful for most of the day, an overcast but dry 21ish day. Then all of a sudden, the sun came out the temperature shot up by about 10 degrees in five minutes. Out came the floppy hat for me, and another layer of sun cream was slathered on everyone. We all ate too much, drunk too much (at varying stages of the day, I was the designated driver – again, must rectify that next year), chatted as best we could over the crowd and speakers, it was by far the biggest day we’d been to. And some organising lessons hopefully will be learned by security: i.e. don’t have you queue of people lining up over a crossroad junction; search bags before people go in and get the staff taking the money to speed up a bit and stop chatting.

We had a busy weekend, but it was lovely. I got to sit on a couch and read Miss Marple for a good couple of hours. In silence. Huzzah! Here’s an overview of what happened, (in no particular order) otherwise you’ll end up with War and Peace:

· Peanut got stung by a bee, he was brushing it away from his face and it got him on his middle finger on his left hand. He was such a little trooper, I fished out most of the sting and was just left with a tiny little bit in there. After icing it, we couldn’t get it out, but as there was an ambulance at the venue, we borrowed a pair of their tweezers and he was sorted out. He wasn’t interested in seeing inside the ambulance, he was too busy looking at the van and the wheels…

· We saw emus in the wild on the way back from a drive. One very excited car load of people I can tell you.

· Hay bales that are round are now to be known as ‘hay sausages’.

· We visited at least 8 different play parks on various journeys in and around NSW. Have you tried to get a two year old out of a park, when he won’t go down a slide, but wants to go down the slide. We were obviously parents from hell separating him from the blooming thing.

· We brought Peanut a pair of sandals. I was quite pleased with finding a shop that we were walking past that had proper sandals, until Hubs pointed out that we were actually five hours away from home. So hadn’t really ‘just walked past’ somewhere.

· I had a gluten free pizza. And demolished it, because it was a nice one. Never mind it was 11” across – urp.

· We visited Tocumwal and Griffith, stopping off a couple of times on the way there and back to Griffith, hence the play park experiences.

· We went to a Riverina winery, and brought a Yarra Valley bottle of Pinot Noir. Don’t think the lady was too impressed with us!

· We started watching Pulp Fiction, but were all falling asleep, so admitted defeat when Fabienne appeared on the screen. Arguably one of the stupidest characters in cinema, certainly one of the most annoying.

One thought on “Le weekend – Berrigan Races VI

  1. Sounds like a delightful weekend! Think I’ll adopt the name “hay sausages” for all the bales between home (Melbourne) and home (Warrnambool).


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