In and out like a fiddlers elbow

This morning our neighbours must have thought I was mad, we all know that I am, but even more so today:

1. Put Peanut into car with his bag.

2. Go back, get my bag, put it into car, get into car.

3. Go back, get my jacket and put into car, get into car.

4. Go back, get shopping list and put into bag into car.

5. Start car.

6. Stop car.

7. Go back, get biscuit to placate wailing child who absolutely needs another one for the six minute journey to nursery.

8. Star car, head off for nursery and work.

Today is Halloween, so the 20 minutes TV he watched while I had a shower and got dressed included Room On The Broom, which had a dragon in it. We’ve not got the book, so we didn’t know the story, but he loved it.

The cat sitter came to collect the keys last night, out-to-here pregnant, she’s got a little over four weeks to go, which makes four people at work within visible distance, two people at swimming (one with twins who should have arrived this week) and three people I know outside of work all due to pop within the next couple of months, if not before. I got asked again last week if we were going to have another one. No thank you, we are very happy and blessed with the bundle of energy we’ve got already.

At 2:30am this morning, he came into me, I was so asleep I thought it was 5:30 and time to get up, so I was all ‘Morning sunshine! Give me a kiss!’ then looked at my phone and thought ‘Sh!t’. Peanut ended up sleeping in with us, in my arms for the last 2-3 hours of the night, waking up with great bed head as he was wiggling around a lot. He woke me up pushing his hand against my face asking me to move. Then the cat got in and joined us on the pillow for good measure. Good job I had slept like a log till 2:30 I think.

Got a busy night tonight: going shopping for the last bits for the weekend; finishing off the packing; we also need to vacuum the car out and move Peanut’s car seat so we can get his pushchair on the back seat freeing up the boot for packing. All the while fending off trick or treaters.

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