Monday morning

It always seems so much brighter after an hour and half long talk, nose to nose with your husband, tucked up in a warm bed the night before, then sleeping from 10pm – 6am. I then dozed till 7am, when Peanut asked for his breakfast. He’d slept in the car on the way home from our lunch date, so didn’t get off to sleep himself until 8:30, but he also slept through till 6am, and played quite happily for an hour until hunger got the better of him. For a working parent, a 7am week-day-wake-up is sheer bliss, it felt like I’d slept till noon!

We all had breakfast together, plane spotted out the kitchen window and generally had a beautiful start to the week. After my rant last week, thank you for the texts and emails checking I’m ok. I am ok, I feel better than I have done for ages, I should have got angry earlier I think, instead of bottling it all up inside. I didn’t get near my computer all weekend, so I apologise to the couple of people I said I’d email, I’ll be in touch today.

Have a good week peeps.

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