Hot and bothered

I had to be at my consultant’s appointment at 9:40 this morning, a short 20 minute drive from home. Therefore I wanted to leave the house a little before 9am, so I could drop Peanut off, drive to the hospital, park and then read Miss Marple in the waiting room in peace and quiet.

Last night when I got home with Peanut, Hubs said hello, but had to go back to bed; (yes, he’s proper poorly). I made up the spare bed for me, spent some time with Peanut playing and reading, then gave him dinner. Halfway through his dinner we get into the yawns and cranky toddler, he’s hit his wall too. Vetoing the bath, Peanut has a shower, gets into his PJs, and crashes out just before 7pm. I’d been smorgasbord-ing while I got his meal ready, so didn’t need any dinner. Waking up hungry not long after Peanut went to bed, Hubs micro-nuked a portion of leftovers. We put on a program about a cruise to Antarctica. Which ended up being really interesting, I sorted and folded the clothes that were clean, put the folded stuff away and looked at the ironing. I decided that I would iron tomorrow night, sleep was more important. I also didn’t do the home blessing, or any other housework that was on our list. Oops, so much for my routine.

Getting into my PJs, Peanut’s teething necklace falls out my bra (he can’t wear it in the shower/bath, so I tucked it in there for safe keeping), a bunch of hooey it may well be, but he’s sleeping better with it on and his teeth aren’t bothering him as much, so *shrug* Carefully wiggling it around him, I put it back on, congratulating myself that I hadn’t woken him up, for him to appear in the spare room two minutes later. Oops.

We gather the cuddly toys from his bed, he comes into the spare bed, and patting my hair, we both fall asleep. Chief Brody appears at one point during the night to sit on my head, but apart from that we have a good night’s sleep. Peanut potters down to Hubs to say morning about 5:45 ish, I doze back off and get woken up about 6:30 again with Hubs saying “I’ve made your cup of tea, but I need to go back to bed”. Peanut requests biscuits for breakfast (cereal), he sits in his chair and as I’ve given him some Greek yoghurt as well, thinks I’ve given him the moon on a stick. Halfway through he decides that doesn’t want any more, but nods for toast and honey, when that is delivered, says ‘All done’. I wipe him off, get him down from his chair, and he toddles into the living room to play again.

My boiled eggs are ready, such luxury. I enjoy them with a cup of green tea, or three, and the Wittertainment podcast. I load the plates into the dishwasher (damnit, didn’t start it before I left), clean the kitchen, shine my sink, hop into the shower and we’re still on schedule for a pre-9am departure. But I have no idea where half an hour went to. I didn’t blow-dry my hair, I didn’t put on a ballgown, I didn’t do anything extra that takes longer than 10 minutes to do normally, but today, when I’m ready I look at the time and squeak. I now have to pile Peanut into the car to run around like a mad thing. The back-to-school traffic, rush hour, no parking spaces at the hospital “we apologise for any inconvenience” means I’m now behind. Picking up his shoes, there’s a poop. We’re now even later because he insists on taking 4 cars with him to the change mat, and if you’ve tried extracting a toy from a toddler…

We pull into the car park at nursery, Peanut chooses today to decide he doesn’t want to let go of my leg, I’m putting his bag away, he falls over, he needs more cuddles and although I’m late, I hold him close and tell him he’s fine, he’s fine.

Traffic is feral, there are road works, and a concrete pour on a construction site, I find the number of the consultant and ring to say ‘I’m going to be late’. There’s nothing I can do. I park up, run two blocks, (man, I need to get up the gym), and have to reset my kindle to get to Miss Marple. Fifteen minutes late for my appointment, I’m reading the short stories so far I’m about 17 or 18 in, and no sign of Miss Marple yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying them, but, where is she?

The traffic back to work is still as bad, there are more road works that opened up while at was at the hospital, an enormous digger is being collected from another new build, and the drive home is beset by idiots who are diving in and out of lanes, because that will help you get there quicker, won’t it?

Pulling into work, my car-parking-karma pays off, there is a space right by the door. Hubs is feeling better this morning already. And, best of all, I don’t need a major operation next year. Hot and bothered I may well have been, but at the end of the day, an area of my body that has been concerning me for years, and I mean years, has finally stabilised.

2 thoughts on “Hot and bothered

  1. Love how much attention you give to roadworks and diggers – evidence of having a son, hmm?
    Also glad to hear that you don’t have to have surgery.
    T xx


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