Buzzing along with the FlyLady

Deciding that enough was enough, we needed to put our money where our mouth was and tidy the house and clean up after life interrupted, I dug out my notes from the FlyLady late last week. Jennifer Ehle (yes her) recommended the program on twitter ages ago, and intrigued I investigated.

I’ve read some pretty vitriolic things about FlyLady and the system online over the past week while I did more research on it and how to adapt it to fit our lives. Based around the assumption that you’re a stay at home mom, yes it can be daunting at first read, but what Marla consistently reinforces is that you do what works for you. There are lots of emails, they spruik a lot of purple products, some bear no relation to what you may have initially signed up for; e.g. random singer/songwriter Eric Dodge anyone? not sure that will get my floors clean. But most emails are like a mini cheer squad. They point you in the right direction, and if you are practically paralysed with clutter, dirt and feeling overwhelmed, having someone spell out for you, today do this, that, then this and then that, I would imagine are really quite helpful.

I skim the emails, if they’re relevant with useful tips I may not have thought of; I will flag them to read again in more detail, but you know what, you can delete things now! Unfortunately, they’re all or nothing, you can’t opt-out of receiving some emails (Eric Dodge updates).

But what has worked for us is that your house gets divided up into zones, you do a quick clean of most living areas as part of a weekly ‘blessing’, but then spend the odd 15 minutes in specific zones that rotate through the month. Each week has a separate task list, which is now laminated and on top of the microwave, I tick off what I’ve done, Hubs ticks off what he’s done. All the housework gets done, no more huffing about wondering ‘Why hasn’t he done that/ can’t see that needs doing?’ if anything extra needs to be completed through the week, we’re writing it on the task list and then, job done.

Since Monday, I’ve woken up feeling lighter and happier. I’ve had a couple of late nights too, so I’m surprised I’m not running on empty to be honest with you, particularly as it has been exceptionally windy in Melbourne (and across Victoria) the past few days as well. But the house was overwhelming both of us, so we both made a concerted effort from Sunday to proactively get things into place, keep them there and clean as we go. Alongside doing a deeper clean in preparation for our overseas visitors who arrive tomorrow, this is already giving us a baseline to start from on Monday next week.

In other news, my three month trial period is due up next week. I’ve suggested that it gets extended as our little family have been run ragged with illnesses over that time. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, please keep your fingers crossed for me, as I quite like having a roof over our head and food on the table.

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