Blow the wind southerly

Goodness me, last night was windy. And rainy. And most of the office is already jaded today. People can’t seem to concentrate on anything, I wouldn’t say we’re goofing off, because we’re not. But working is proving harder work than normal and simple things are taking a leeetle bit longer than normal. There also seems to be a steady stream of people walking back to their desks with coffees from over the road.

There are large amounts of tree debris all over the place, ranging from leaves to twigs, to branches, to in some cases – trees, there was a fair amount of damage caused overnight all over the state. We’ve also had a few birds blown into the windows, which is quite funny, although less so for the birds.

Thankfully the weather is due to blow itself out by the end of the week, and should brighten up again. We had a lovely bit of spring, took the blanket off the bed, and had to put it back on again two days later. Mmmmm, bed. I’ve never wanted a siesta as much as I do right now. If I could curl up under my desk, I would.

What do you think..?

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