A whole lotta weather

We’re having a cold front blow over Melbourne today. The weather man warned us last night that it was going to be windy, and rainy, and a bit stormy, but oh my, is it ever. The trees outside my office window are bending and creaking, while waving their branches around with abandon.

Yesterday, I’d collected Peanut earlier than normal after working through my lunch break to be home for Telstra’s visit, which was scheduled between 5-7pm. Hubs received a text message on his phone to say they’d been round to the house and fixed everything at 3pm. Great. Except, our phone line is still not working, the Foxtel still can’t download any rented movies, not that we rent a lot, but we’d like the option occasionally and the whizz-bang-speed of the new internet service. Is. So. Fast. It’s. Not. True.

Sods law, Hubs had a university commitment so was trying to make phone calls to the conglomerate to sort it out in between breaks, in the meantime I pottered about and just did what I had planned for the night. I made two risottos and have consequently now stuffed the freezers to bursting, except we now have make two curries with the meat in the fridge, and I’m not sure what to do with them. Oh well, we’ll figure it out. We’ll never figure out Telstra, they’re frickin hopeless.

Peanut and I had a rough night, he was still not wanting to; brush his teeth; dry his hair; brush his hair; get a nappy on (he can whip one out from underneath him so quickly now, I can’t keep up); get into his PJs; get into bed; indeed, anything I asked of him. I was taking deep breaths and trying not to get cross or frustrated, but he ended up crying, I ended up crying, we hugged and shared some stickers. I felt like the worse mother in the world who can’t meet the needs of her child.

He settled quickly to sleep, I carried on cooking, swapping loads in the washing machine and doing Mt. Foldmore. Hubs arrived home earlier than planned, which was lovely. We had a relaxed couple of hours together, got to bed about 11, for the third night this week (no wonder I’m jaded). After a whole half hour, Peanut woke up. I settled him back again. At 1am he woke up. After a fraught hour of ‘negotiation’ and using his calming jar through a torch, he did calm down and settle back off to sleep. Another half hour later a huge thunderclap over the house woke him up again, and I settled him again. We do take it in turns, please do not think less of Hubs for not stepping in last night, but he was called into the contract he’s managing Annual Review at the eleventh hour, so I was trying to let him rest. Tonight, he’s on duty. I think I got about four and a bit hours sleep, maybe five, please don’t ask me any tricky questions today. But Peanut was happy, bouncy and chatty this morning, and today I felt like I do know what I’m doing with this parenting lark.

But, I’m so tired. I’m sat at my desk wondering if I do know my ar$e from my elbow. Hubs and I talked on the phone this morning as I was heading into work, he said thank you for looking after Peanut. We’re all going to meet at the local shopping centre/mall and have a coffee together tonight, tomorrow is ‘Grand Final Day’ at childcare, the only clothing Peanut has with Carlton on is a set of PJs. Hubs and I both have issues with children in miniature football sets, we’re hoping now the season is nearly over we can grab a t-shirt or something for him to wear tomorrow, which will tide us over and help us avoid questions about why our child doesn’t wear colours.

I thought about going to the gym, I thought about going to the cinema, but when I’ve found what I’m looking for, I’m going to go home. Have some dinner, a long, hot shower and go to bed. I’ll read a little bit, but hopefully sleep a lot more.

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