A most marvellous day

Boy did we need that. Not the 5:10am wake up call with a toddler telling me he had a stinky bum. Not the cleaning the bathroom, in dire need of it that it was. Not doing battle on a Saturday afternoon in a supermarkdo to get provisions to batch-cook tomorrow. But everything else that happened today was truly splendiferous.

After I’d cleaned him up, Peanut and I sat on the couch watching Grand Designs while Hubs dozed in bed after his late night that football in the CBD. I enjoyed my coffee, folded some washing, Peanut unfolded some of it, then sat in the laundry basket watching the diggers and concrete mixers on the program. I was well and truly over Shaun the Sheep this morning, so I told him I’m watching something I wanted to. He hopefully asked ‘Gromit? Yes?’ Not a chance, I wanted something that wasn’t claymation for half an hour.

While I carried on folding, he pottered about picking up toys and playing with them. Mostly his wooden truck given to us by family friends, but he was also playing with his Boris the Dinosaur from Dinosaur Train, given to him by my brother in law. We’re on a mission to find the loudest, most objectionable toy to give to our niece for Christmas; as our 4am wake up call with Boris roaring at us with the toddler in our bedroom is still smarting more than a few weeks later.

Hubs was in the pool with Peanut for his swimming lesson this week, so I had a shower and got ready to go out for the day, bags packed we headed out and the best half hour of my week began. Swimming is so important to me, it filled my life from 7 till 17, literally, and I love that Peanut loves the water. He’s jumping in on his own. Swims of a fashion under water and comes up grinning every time, asking for ‘More! More!’ as soon as you’ve held him so he gets his breath back. He’s nowhere near able to go near water on his own, but he’s got no fear, is happy and confident splashing about. I love watching him with Hubs, I love helping him when it’s my turn.

Whoever is wet and chlorine-i-fied just gets dressed over their swimmers, then has a shower with Peanut when we get home. I’d booked us a table for 10am for brunch, so we did a quick change today, and shot back out the door in about 15 minutes flat.

We went to a gorgeous place, Rivers of Yarrambat, it’s all of 10 minutes drive from our house. It is a garden centre, conference venue, has a duck pond and a spa, as well as a cafe sensitive and aware of food allergies and intolerances. They also bring out children’s meals first as a house rule. We ordered pikelets for Peanut, they came out sprinkled with icing sugar, a perfect ball of vanilla ice cream decorated with a mint leaf, a green apple delicately cut and spiralled and also a chocolate scroll to boot. He was over the moon, pointed out the leafy bit, devoured the chocolate and was quite happy tucking into the pancakes and ice cream (with his fork), until our breakfasts came out when he decided he actually wanted sausage, eggs, mushroom, toast, mushrooms, sausage, mushrooms, bacon. He’s normally sound asleep by the time we were eating, it’s hard work swimming solidly for half an hour, so he did really well to hang on for his nap until we’d eaten, fed the ducks and he’d peered into every available pot in the garden centre to tell us which had water in and which were empty.

I love seeing the world through his eyes. How many of us would care if a pot had water in or not? For him, today, it was important to tell us. He loved the huge urn water-features with water pouring down the sides, he loved the little red goldfish darting in the sun in one tank, he loved smelling the flowers as he walked past them.

We got back to the car, and in about 30 seconds he was sound asleep, so we drove around, chatted, caught up with each other and by the time Peanut had woken back up again after an hour, we’d practically written our business plan.

We headed home, spotting various modes of transport on the way. You know you’ve a toddler in the car, you automatically point out trams, buses, trucks, diggers, vans and so on. Sometimes you tell the adult that is in the car with you where they are too.

We puttered about the house, weeding the veggie patch (Hubs), cleaning the bathroom (me), dusting and sweeping (Peanut). We sorted out the spare room ready for visitors at the end of the month (all three of us), ran yet more washing loads, then late this afternoon we ran the gauntlet at the local shopping mall/centre (Aussie/English).

I had a very quick chat with my brother, who showed us round most of their new house, the wonders of wi-fi and a laptop. I got to see my niece and nephew, and while we had to cut the conversation short, it was the first time I’d seen the family in over a month, so it was lovely to check in with them. We’re going to try and finish off the chat tomorrow, if not we’ll talk next weekend.

Tomorrow we’re cooking: curried sausages, chicken curry, pumpkin scones, beef stew, bolognese sauce, chilli con carne, macaroni cheese, a couple of risottos, as well as a roast leg of lamb and a roast chicken in the Weber. Our freezers are depleted (Old Mother Hubbard really) and we’ve got that many plastic pots stacked in the cupboard, we play Jenga every time we open it. We’ll have food in the thermomix, the slow cooker, the oven, a BBQ and a couple of things on the hob pretty much all day.

But now, I’m going to finish my G&T and run a bath. I’ve got Miss Marple’s Short Stories awaiting.

4 thoughts on “A most marvellous day

  1. P.S. Pointing out vehicles is now my tactic for keeping him awake when home is only 10 mins away and sleep is beckoning. Usually works a treat! Especially those imaginary buses or trucks that I sometimes see to keep him interested… ;-)


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