Bring out your dead (again)

Just when I thought we were out the end of our recent bout of sickness; by recent I mean perpetual, by bout I mean three months’ worth. I take myself off to the GP for a short course of antibiotics for my now apparently annual sinus infection.

As I’m allergic to penicillin, (my heart rate races, I get bright red and have a tendency to keel over) and am coeliac, I can’t have any medication with gluten in (you’d be surprised how many tablets are bulked out with starch of various varieties), my choices are limited. I already take a nightly mild antibiotic as a preventative for UTIs (TMI, sorry) there are literally only a handful that can be prescribed to me, including a stronger version of the one I take nightly, but as the milder version hadn’t cleared the infection up, she didn’t want to give one from the same family to me. You can imagine, it’s a right royal pain in the butt. It often takes longer to find a medication that I can take than it takes for me to describe symptoms and be examined.

She asked if I’d had problems with doxycycline. ‘Not that I was aware of!’ I cheerfully responded, we both grinned at each other, thinking ‘Woo-hoo! we’d found one!’. I had to take two that day, then one a day till the rest of the bottle had finished, seven tablets total. I had to eat to take them, so far so normal. I had one at lunchtime on Tuesday, then another with dinner in the evening. Sitting on the couch after doing Mt. Foldmore, I thought, this is not good. And took myself off to bed.

Hubs came barrelling in, dutifully woke me up as per instructions so we could chat about our days if I was asleep, for me to tell him that I did not feel well. And I went back off to sleep again. Getting up in the morning, I took one mouthful of my green tea, and disappeared into the bathroom. Hubs said ‘Are you ok?’ took one proper look at me and said ‘No, obviously not’. He had to go to work, so I lay in bed and pretended I wasn’t feeling seasick, psyched myself up and took Peanut to nursery. It takes all of 20 minutes to do the round trip, but it was all I could do to manage it.

I let work know that I was having a reaction to the medication, said I’d call the GP to see what they’d recommend, put an alarm on my phone and went back to sleep. Put a call into the surgery, made sure my phone ringer was on and slept again. Talking to my doctor, she said there wasn’t much we could do, could I try to ride it out? The side effects would get easier every time I took a dose, but if I didn’t complete the course, I’d have to be admitted to hospital as they could only give me penicillin now. Faced with that option, I agreed that if they did get better, I’d carry on, but she said if they stayed the same, or got worse, to call 000 straight away. Reassuring.

Sending a text into work and to Hubs took forever as I kept falling asleep while trying to type it, luckily predictive text only meant I had lots of typos, I didn’t send them the complete gibberish. I then crashed out again until Hubs got home with Peanut, I said hello to them both, went back to sleep, joined in bath time for five minutes and helped Peanut into his PJs, then slept again. Till Thursday morning. I basically lost Wednesday this week.

On Thursday I had breakfast, took my table at 7:15 was at my desk an hour later. An hour and twenty minutes later, I was flushed, dizzy, nauseous and being sent home again. Where I slept till 2pm. I got up, and felt almost normal – hurrah. Today, Friday I set an alarm on my phone for 3am to get up, eat and take my tablet so that I was over any side effects by the time I had to go to work. But, I spent most of the night awake, unsurprising given the amount of sleep I’d had over the past couple of days, listening to an audio book in the spare room dozing in and out. Peanut chose last night, of all nights, to sleep through from 7pm – 5:10am. At least Hubs had an uninterrupted night though.

So if anyone wants us this weekend, we’ll be at home. Catching up on housework, laundry, cooking and each other, but as much as we love y’all, we’ll see you next weekend, OK? I need some time with my boys.

What do you think..?

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