Busy is as busy does

I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion; there is always something to do. Some task to complete, something waiting in the background (not always patiently) for you to get time to actually tackle it and wrestle it into submission. Because life gets in the way of plans, life gets in the way of ideas, life gets in the way.

But, in some respects, while I’m ahead, I’ve never been so far behind in my life. I ironed a pair of trousers to wear on the bed this morning as a shining example. Last night I was simply too tired to contemplate standing in front of the ironing board to do them. And while I’ve got trousers ironed in my wardrobe, I need to mend the hem as it’s fallen down on one, more are in the dry cleaning pile that is waiting to be taken to the cleaners, another couple of pairs are a tad tight round the waist, or thighs, or indeed both – ahem. Damn you cut-price crunchies…

This weekend I helped a friend sort through and plan a move from the end of a relationship, back into her mother’s house. As the relationship also included small children, packing a house was never going to be easy, so I volunteered to help all weekend after getting my hair cut, then as family arrived in Melbourne from QLD and NSW, before we had an early dinner with them on Sunday night. In total, I spent about 26hours with her, and we achieved a lot. She was left with a plan of the kitchen, every cupboard identified as needing to be emptied then cleaned, so when she’s gone through and packed what she’s going to send to storage to restart her life, she can point and ask people to empty, donate, throw away and then clean each cupboard. She’d asked the children what toys they wanted, so they were written down to help her not get carried away with, ‘Maybe I should pack these, just in case’.

While I ache all over from crawling around, packing boxes and lifting things, it’s a good ache. I made a difference, I gave support to someone who’s given me unconditional support since I met her. I paid it forward and backward in one weekend. But on a Monday morning when the alarm goes and you just think, ‘What! Already?’ it’s not the best start to the week. The yawning to do list to get the house into ship-shape-shape is ever growing. We’re still rewashing Peanut’s clothes to get the last of the funky gastro smell out of them. We’re still trying to rewash towels for the same reason, and keep on top of the normal washing cycle, which needs at least one load a day run, preferably two. Our laundry floor and the man-cave has piles of clothes, sorted by load admittedly, scattered about all over the place. The cat thinks it’s great and leaps from one to another, but as the forecast for the week isn’t great, cold and damp, getting things dry will take a little longer than normal. When you’re up-to-date, it’s ok, when you’re not, it’s not.

There’s a hundred and one things we need to catch up on, but I’m not going to worry about them. Yes, you did read that right. Tonight, Hubs’ cousins are coming over for a meal, thank goodness for the Thermomix, I know that a risotto will appear as if by magic, so we’re going to spend our night talking with them and letting the housework go hang. We don’t get to see these girls very often, in fact one we last saw three years ago.

Life is about priorities, some things you can catch up on, but time with people you care about, when they need you or they’re nearby, you can’t.

What do you think..?

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