Facebook – I’m done

It’s official. I’m over Facebook, I’ve tried to embrace it, I’ve tried to love it, I’ve spent time on it and tried to sort out its intricacies, but at the end of the day: It doesn’t actually keep me in touch with anyone. Yes it’s handy for information sharing, but so are emails, texts and – gosh! the phone! But do I actually find out how people are doing on there? No. I still need to email, text or speak to someone to gauge how they’re doing. I’ve taken off all my photos, left a status update with my email address and phone number and on Wednesday, I’m deleting my account.

I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, because I couldn’t delete any more friends, because as soon as I updated or commented on a status, someone else would see that I was no longer friends with them. It was like being back in the playground at school.

(As an aside, for those people who think that school days were the best days of your life did not have to put up with the persistent bullying and insecurities of my childhood. I never knew what group I was in, or supposed to be in. I always guessed wrong, then would clam up out of shyness, be paralysed with fear of saying the wrong thing, and inadvertently exclude myself even further).

I do wonder who can maintain 70odd (the amount of friends I have at the moment on FB) relationships with any depth or meaning? I’d rather have people I communicate regularly with, the inner circle of people I love and trust, you know the ones – you don’t have to talk to them, they’re yours, they’ve got your back and you’d move heaven and earth to help them. Unfortunately for me, the far majority of these are still in the UK. Then have an outer circle of people I catch up and spend time with, laugh and share with, developing relationships that move them towards the inner sanctum.

I’d rather focus on being a good friend, rather than clicking like on a status, thank you very much. It’s why I came off it in the first place, it absolves you of having any responsibility for communication, against my better judgement I got persuaded back on…

I’ve mentioned this before on here, but my parents collect old postcards of my hometown. Lots simply have people confirming what time and date they will be meeting others, because not that long ago, it was cheaper to send a postcard than to ring. And not everyone had a phone for you to ring on. I can remember making plans to meet, usually outside Argos, or Menzies, you’d very rarely stand around people watching for ages before you gave up and went home, to try and find out what happened to who you were meeting. But, most of the time, the person you were meeting would be there, on time, you’d have a nice visit and off you’d go about your life until you caught up again.

I’ve come to the conclusion, I want depth and meaning in my life. Facebook, I’m sorry – you’re the complete antithesis of that.

One thought on “Facebook – I’m done

  1. Hi Maddie, I would have loved to have kept up with you on fb, I always enjoy your blogs. Maybe you didn’t mean for me to find you?because try as I may I couldn’t find you any where.
    I shall continue to look forward to your blogs, and maybe the occasional email!
    Take care!
    Jac xxxx


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