What a weekend

Well, I do not think we have ever changed so many nappies in such a short period of time. The bin is being collected on Thursday morning, thankfully not next week! Peanut’s poor digestive system has been working overtime, trying to clear the virus out. Literally.

Yesterday we took him up to A&E, he was even refusing water, and instead of getting better, he appeared to get worse through the day. Nothing a packet of crisps (salt, as prescribed) after a hydrolyte popsicle didn’t fix – thank god. He will not take the hydrolyte in its ‘juice’ form, we have to pin him down and squirt it in with a syringe which is distressing for all of us, goodness toddlers are strong when they don’t want to do something.

He’s started eating solids again, mostly from our plates, which is good, he ended up having a good dinner last night by the end of Hubs’ lasagne and my risotto.

We try to be green and have used a plant based clothes wash for ages, but lets not beat about the bush here, it just ain’t cutting it with ‘freshening’ the clothes. Tomorrow I’m going to get some Persil/OMO (UK/Aussie) and as we wash through the week, it’ll give them a blast, hopefully getting rid of the last of the nasties.

He hopped on the scales this morning, he’s dropped over a kilo in three days, he likes weighing himself, not knowing what the numbers are, but we do, and it’s worrying as he was only just getting himself back to normal after our bout of flu.

Manny is coming up to save the day, he’ll also stay over, as we were told not to take Peanut back to nursery till at least Wednesday. What is so sodding frustrating, is that someone else didn’t keep their child at home, leaving us with a boy that says ‘Don’t like it’ and ‘Not really’ whenever we approach him with a syringe of medicine or funny coloured liquid.

What broke my heart though, was him standing on his change mat, poop pouring down his leg saying ‘I sorry’. It still upsets me now, and I think it will for a while. This morning he woke up at 5am, toddling down the hall telling us ‘stinky bum’. Which was more adorable, even if the blow-out did leave us having to dismantle his bed and wash everything on it, including two cuddly toys.

On a brighter note, we had most windows open, as many doors as I could get open and lots of fresh air blowing through. Just as well really, but I can tell it will be a while before my obsessive cleaning backs down. I did a lot today, too much actually as my back is now sore, I’m about to take some industrial painkillers and go to sleep, but I wanted to get this posted first.

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