Unclean! Unclean!

Just when I thought we were getting better, Peanut gets collected from nursery yesterday for me to be told, he didn’t want afternoon tea (uh-oh), he just wanted to lay on the cushions and sleep (uh-oh), then he didn’t want dinner, which was risotto (RUH-ROH). After a bath, he got into bed, then got out of bed, we thought he was faffing about, but no. The poor little man just spewed everywhere.

We cleaned him up, he obviously felt better after being ill as he was chatting away to us, so we apologised to him for trying to make him eat his dinner and explained about tummy’s feeling sore and not being well, as best you can to a two year old. After an hour or so he said he wanted to go to back to bed; he then slept till about 1, to came into me to say his tummy was sore. He lay in bed with me, then started to get a bit upset, so I took him into our bathroom. Nothing doing for twenty minutes, so I said ‘Let’s try to go back to bed.’ I went to lay down with him in his room. He climbed up and lay down, I was still climbing in and he gave that really distinctive cough. I just hoiked him out his bed in time. We cleaned him up again, and all went back to bed. He’s not eaten much, so now we’re having to deal with revolting nappies. The joys of being a parent, if it’s not spew, it’s poop, snot or dribble.

Nothing like lying in bed at 2:30 in the morning working out who can go into work and when. I was at my desk before 7am today, am leaving at noon, then Hubs will go into work and stay later tonight than normal. In the meantime, my stomach is beginning to do the washing machine thing now. Dagnammit. Our weekend plans are now firmly on hold, while we see what is happening with our digestive systems. Again.

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