Growth spurts

I’m not sure you ever see a child growing, but all of a sudden, you do notice it. A pair of trousers that used to fit, now don’t. Or you’re stuffing a head and arms into a t-shirt that a week ago was fine. By the time the t-shirt is on, you daren’t take it off again, lest you rip their ears off – better to wait till bath time, when at least the prospect of bubbles will calm them down.

We have nicer clothes Peanut wears outside of nursery; but only have about 7-10 of each of t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, track suit trousers, jeans and now shorts (hurrah! sun!) in constant rotation. Even then, despite being covered in anything from play-doh to paint, to bolognaise sauce, none of his clothes have ever worn out. Therefore, we can see pretty quickly when something is too small, because he’s always wearing the same things.

This morning, after sleeping through, we’ve had a couple of restless nights since the weekend, he came toddling into our room and stood by our bed. His shoulders are now clearly above the mattress, giving him purchase so he’s almost able to climb up on his own to get into our bed, whereas only last week we had to lift him in. His size 1 PJs are flapping about his legs like Audrey Hepburn’s pedal pushers, but we can’t find anything other than shorts for night-time attire at the moment, (hurrah! sun!), so they’ll have to do until it gets stays warm overnight.

He’s also eating like a horse: having breakfast at home before we leave the house, then a second breakfast at nursery (Hobbit), two bowls at lunch, morning and afternoon tea and then a dinner the size of an adult’s entrée portion. Then has a bottle before bed after his bath. While he was ill a couple of weeks ago, he looked very skinny in his bath, so it’s a relief that his appetite is back, but oh boy is it back.

Aside from growing taller, his vocabulary is expanding daily too. We’ve gone from ‘Mine!’ to ‘This is mine’ or ‘This is Peanut’s!’ visiting the local animal sanctuary over the weekend, he was able to name nearly all the animals, if he didn’t recognise them, when we told him what they were, he then had a good stab at saying them. He did get a bit confused over the Tasmanian Devil though, he got all excited and said ‘Teddy bear!’ which caused much hilarity at the exhibit from all the adults in ear-shot. I love seeing the world through his eyes, it reminds us daily to stop and slow down. I could feel myself getting frustrated last night because I couldn’t get what I’d planned done. But the washing still got done, the kitchen sink still got cleaned and dinner was still made. But I also got to talk over his day with him while he had his dinner, he got umpteen books read to him and I got lots of cuddles.

Housework will still be there tomorrow, he’s never going to be this young, or this small, ever again.

One thought on “Growth spurts

  1. How to know when your son is about to grow two inches: when there’s a school concert tomorrow and you haven’t checked to make sure his black dress pants fit. -Amy


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