A lesson in parenting

I fell into a trap that I didn’t think I would this week, one that Hubs reminded me over.

After dinner one night this week, it’s all a blur now, I asked Peanut if he wanted a bath? ‘No.’ A shower? ‘No.’ So I just got him changed into his PJs and tried to settle him down for the night. 

His night time bath/shower is one of his biggest cues that bed time is imminent. After an hour of wailing, he finally got off to sleep and was unsettled overnight.

Hubs gently told me that while Peanut may say ‘No’ to things, it’s because he can and that we need to make decisions for him. It opened my eyes, and made me wonder if that is what causes so many parenting issues around the world. Because instead of us being the adult, making a decision and sticking to it, we ask a child an opinion on something that is non-negotiable? 


3 thoughts on “A lesson in parenting

  1. I would give that question a resounding “yes.” We made the mistake of asking our youngest if he wanted to go to preschool, didn’t it sound like fun, wouldn’t he like to go? He insisted on no, no, no, it did not sound like fun and he did not want to go. It was murder getting him there for the first week, until we clued in and STOPPED asking such a meaningless question – he was going whether he wanted to or not. Lesson learned!
    Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com


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