I can laugh about it now…

As you may remember, our oven element has gone phut. When we ordered the replacement, I called to make sure I’d got the correct part, was assured I had, but still said to Hubs ‘Don’t get rid of the packaging, in case it doesn’t fit!’ immediately putting a hex on us. It didn’t fit.

After the palaver of getting the first one, I delegated the task of dealing with the eejit to Hubs. He valiantly stepped in to the breach of awful customer service. A month later we’re still waiting for a part, but got told last week it would definitely be with us on Monday. Today.

One of the girls at work brought me up a package, which as we’d asked for it to go to Hubs’ work surprised me. The parcel was also smaller and bulkier than a square shaped element would be. It was a vacuum cleaner head. After quietly exploding at the company, I tried to call them. Then emailed them. Then called them. I couldn’t leave a message as the mail box was full, so went off to lunch in a huff.

Came back and hit google and the ABN search to find an alternative number. I eventually found they had a page I could ‘like’ on Facebook. Not blooming likely, but this also had an alternative number on, which someone answered.

Apparently, we’ll get the element tomorrow, express post. I will believe it when I see it. But I cannot tell you how much I am dreaming about roast potatoes, crispy brown bits on top of cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, banana bread, roast potatoes. You get the picture.

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