This is not an ‘oh-woe-is-me’ post

* edited for typos I am beginning to wonder if life will ever calm down, or have we just got used to racketing around like mad things? All three of us are sick, in various stages, mostly with viral infections, except Hubs also has a chest infection, just to make him feel extra special.

Our house needs an complete clean from top to bottom; with doors and windows open to get rid of nasty bugs and germs, bad air and vibes. Our garden hasn’t been touched in about a month, so looks like a right muddle. I’ve kept on top of the washing and ironing; but the washing machine needs a clean because the laundry door has a cat flap in, so the machine itself is covered in dust woofees. I’ve got no idea what is in our freezers, so meal planning is ‘interesting’. And there is me trying to set up a business to help other people stay organised, oh the irony…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply cannot.

I cannot:

· Watch TV programs, unless I’m ironing, or watching them with Peanut and chatting over them together, it sucks time out of your day. As a quantifier to this, I don’t actually watch TV, I’ve already recognised this, there is never anything on, and the few programs I do watch I’ve recorded…

· Get up to the gym unless I am well (as in not sick), packed the night before and do not deviate from the routine I’ve diarised one iota.

· Not miss the day’s allotted housework – it simply needs to be done by one or other of us. But because we’ve not been able to do anything for about a week because we’ve both been feeling rough; that it’s rained; that the cat keeps digging for and bringing in earthworms; that people walk through the house with shoes on, no matter how many times I ask people not to; we’re now at the student house stage and it’s making me twitch.

· Win.

That’s right. I cannot win. I cannot do everything. But I can ask for help.

· I cannot ever work 40 hours outside the home and expect our house to be pristine, unless I specifically say ‘Hubs, I need you to do x or y’.

· I cannot work 40 hours outside the home and wonder what my son is doing each day without me at nursery, because it kills me, but I can spend time with the girls in his room to build a relationship with them, so they help me understand what he’s got up to.

· We’ve outsourced our food shopping, I now order the groceries online, then go and whizz round to select and choose our greengrocery, (which is the bit I enjoy).

This week, while Hubs is at home recuperating, while I would like to do lots of things around the house to stop me twitching, I am going to work out what I can do in the evenings, and not try to do any more. I am still getting better myself, so I don’t want to over-commit, then get frustrated with myself.

With that in mind, I’ve deactivated Facebook. I keep hopping on it and hopping off it. I don’t know what to do. Whether to just delete it and be done with it, just face the peer-pressure and wrath of everyone who is friends with me on there. So I’m coming off for about a month to see what happens. Or doesn’t happen. If I get some balance back into MY life without it, sayonara!

Here’s to a month of me winning, hitting goals and achieving targets with the help of others. Here’s to having a clean house at the end of it.

3 thoughts on “This is not an ‘oh-woe-is-me’ post

  1. I’ll just say that, when he’s all grown up and moved out, Peanut will look back and will remember/appreciate the stories, the cuddles, the playing with him – the quality time! – way more than he will fondly remember having had his t-shirt ironed by his time-poor mum… But I know that needing to have a clean house and ironed clothes is about keeping in control mentally, physically and emotionally (I resonate…), so good luck with it! If you want friends to keep your accountable to your self-imposed Facebook ban, I’ll happily write cheeky comments on any posts you make telling you to get off Facebook. xo


  2. P.S. I like the new fishy theme! Especially how the hook goes up and down when I scroll up and down the page. Missfishytrish likes! ;-)


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