Strep throat

I’m sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days, but I’m in bed and have been since Monday with an unbelievable sore throat. I’ve really got no other cold symptoms to speak of, the runny nose seemed to stop at the back end of last week, when I’ve been lying down for a while, my chest feels a bit tight, but every time I swallow, it brings tears to my eyes.
I wake up with the pain of it, have a croaky voice and fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I slept most of yesterday and last night, and while I’ve been awake more today, if I venture too far from my bed, I feel woozy. I’ve spent most of this afternoon knitting and listening to podcasts on my phone.
I’ve also done some more thinking and planning for Out On A Limb. I’m finding when I switch off and don’t try too hard – the ideas come much more easily. But I need space built in, and time, for me to do the preparatory reading and work, to allow the ideas to flow.
So despite feeling as weak as a kitten, and yawning a lot, it hasn’t been too bad being laid low with this.
But now I need to go back to sleep, I’ve had all my meals in bed today, really must change the bedding tomorrow!

What do you think..?

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