5:2 fasting day one

Well, I’m about an hour away from my lunch, not that I’m counting. But today and yesterday afternoon have gone well. I’m only just beginning to get hungry now, which isn’t too bad.

I had a good evening last night, I went to the library, then to a stationary store, then to the gym. Yes, I actually went to the gym. And what’s more, I’m going again tomorrow!

I couldn’t find anything to study that grabbed my fancy in the library; although I did come home with another Michael Pollan book, Food Rules. I read In Defence Of Food a couple of years ago, and loved it. His attitude to food is back to basics, back to sustainable, back to normal. I love that if your grandmother wouldn’t recognise it, don’t buy it. With the exception of corn thins and rice crackers as otherwise I’d never get to eat any cheese and biscuits at all.

Do you know what I’ve been fantasising about? Shredded Wheat. And Hovis biscuits, those ones shaped like little loaves, or the oval ones that are browner round the edges. I just really want that nutty, wheaty taste, and the stringy texture of the Shredded Wheat. Hubs offered to shred me some cardboard last week, but I declined. Goodness knows why I’m wanting them at the moment. At least I’ve moved on from Danish Pastries, now that was a depressing craving. That and cinnamon rolls. OK, this isn’t helping the hunger pangs or the coeliac issue.

Tonight I’m going to make a risotto for Peanut and I as I’ve got some haloumi in the fridge – he and I fight over the cubes of the cheese on the top of our portions. He’s already tasted and enjoyed more varieties of food than I had at his age. He loves sushi, curries, pasta, mushrooms, sausages (soss-idge), but isn’t enamoured with anything other than honey on toast or in sandwiches. Which is a pain when we take him a packed lunch as we have to pack up the bread, and then the fillings, which he eats separately. Unless we’re eating, when he wants whatever we have of course.

Goodness, this is very food orientated. There’s an avocado with my name on it at home, 55 minutes to go…

What do you think..?

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