On the Royal baby boy, our heir apparent

Finally, the press and media can relax. The Royal Baby has arrived, well and healthy after an apparently normal labour. Because we, the world, need to know the ins and (mostly) outs of said baby’s delivery.

I can tell I’m going to have to bite my lip over the next couple of days, in public anyway. On here, I’m letting rip:

· When they married, it was announced, Kate would now be known as Catherine. Except in the media, where they persist in calling her Kate Middleton, aside from her taking her husband’s name and becoming a Windsor, I cannot tell you how much this frustrates me. Please just take it as read, that I often shout at the TV because of it. The Royal title is a rank and should be used with the respect it deserves. At its lowest level, we used to call people Mr. and Mrs. until they gave us permission to use their first names, it’s exactly the same principle. It’s also why I get slightly cross in restaurants when I get addressed as ‘Guys’.

· People in the office have already said ‘It was like something out the dark ages how they announced it’ – yes, it’s called “tradition”. Like most Royal traditions, it’s older than Australia and for all your debates about getting rid of the monarchy over here, have a look at your laws, constitution, stamps, bank notes and all the mayoral garb which have crosses and crowns all over them. The symbolism of being part of a monarchy cannot get washed away overnight. While I know people hate the Royals with a passion, they uphold a standard of behaviour, (those pesky traditions again), while moving with the times, which is more than some people can say. Even the Queen gets emails now you know, but when it comes to announcing the future King’s birth, that is how it is done.

I’m still a bit cross about how the whole pregnancy kerfuffle was handled in the media, I mean fancy not telling them the actual due date. They sound positively furious about it, imagine having to resort to actual waiting around for something to report on. Instead of hacking into mobile phones to get information, then hounding people until they admit what they’ve found.

They’re a sweet couple, who are now on a steep learning curve, I hope they’re given the space and time to adjust to being new parents. I hope.

But for my lovely friends who are struggling to conceive, the ridiculous coverage of any celebrity’s pregnancy and birth is heart-wrenching. This is going to be a hard time for them, as it will be magnified to epic proportions – so please be gentle about what you say to people who are childless. Some people are not childless through choice.

And on that note, if I get someone else ask when we’re going to have a brother or sister for Peanut, I will do my best to smile sweetly at you, but we decided before we even got pregnant, we were having one child. End of. The worst person by far was a check-out-chick who told me that I was being selfish in not having another baby for him to play with. She didn’t even know my name, but was able to provide me with life advice.

3 thoughts on “On the Royal baby boy, our heir apparent

  1. Oh what does she know? Only children aren’t ‘lonely’, probably too independant, but can actally make friends and amuse themselves and quite happy in their own company. And what is wrong with that? And before anyone else says it they’re not spoilt, but taught to value things, and I am sure that you as parents will do the same. There that’s my rant over, I’m a bit bored of the ‘only child’ thing…. x


    1. Exactly! I can tell you one thing, Peanut will not be spoilt. He’s already throwing his clothes down the laundry chute, he loves helping us with the vacuuming and when we go downstairs and sort the laundry out, loves loading it into the washer too.
      He’s also not got huge amounts of toys, and what toys he does have, he puts away before he goes to bed. We sound draconian when you read it, but he’s learning now to respect his belongings.


  2. If I had a dollar for every check-out-chick or tradie (recent renovation tasks in our world) who comments that we made a cute kid so should have another one! *sigh*
    “In good time..” is my standard response. I’m not going to tell them “Actually, we’ve been trying for ages but I’m just not getting pregnant as easily this time and it’s heart-breaking every month.”
    Just glad I’m not someone famous with pictures of my supposed “baby bump” splashed in the trash mags (no, that’s just my “mummy tummy” and I’m too lazy/busy to exercise it off, lol!)


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