Itching to get started

Now I’ve sorted everything out in my head, I’m dying to get going! I called the gym on Tuesday, but payroll hadn’t sent over my details yet, so I couldn’t book in for an induction and get my bum up there and bust it.

Hubs is on leave from today till 26 July, and I wanted to take advantage of both of us being home, so he can take Peanut into nursery and I can exercise before I go to work. I know that there is nothing stopping me going for a walk, which I probably end up doing next week, but I wanted to go to the gym *whine*

I also want to paint the spare room, rearrange it, buy my bookcase and armchair and stock it with books and a blanket and get my reading nook sorted out. There are lots of things I want to, but…

I’ve put my back out. I spent 3 hours in A&E yesterday, thankfully it is only musculatory, and will settle with time. I’ve got industrial strength painkillers, have been put on bed rest and signed off work until Friday. Great. Just the start to a new role you need isn’t it?

This morning I’ve been sat up in bed, with a heat pad against the injury, adding things to various shopping lists so we can order groceries online. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for months, so that it is finally done is a relief, but I must admit – wasn’t expecting it to take hours to get the shopping lists sorted out. I’m just about to set up a regular order for an organic fruit and veg delivery every other week.

I’m just wondering what else I can do from my sick bed. Speaking to my brother in law last night, he said ‘I hear you’re sick again?’ yup, again. Mind you, if I had any idea how I aggravated my back, it might help!



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