Monday-itis round 2

So, as if a flat battery wasn’t enough. I was sat at my desk, thought, uh-oh and just about made it to the bathroom for a coeliac moment. Thinking I was done and dusted, went back to my desk. Thought again, UH-OH! and again, just about made it. After that I went home and back to bed, with a hot water bottle and a cup of peppermint tea.

I was in bed for the rest of the day, and now feel like I’ve got the flu or a hangover. A heady combination of my hormones being triggered by an auto-immune response and dehydration. Here I sit looking out at my gum tree, with a cup of hot water and lemon slices, a cup of green tea and a water bottle. I’m having a day of fruit and veggies today to calm my innards down.

Monday beat me into submission yesterday – but it’s ok, I got to speak to a friend at length, which I wouldn’t have been able to do at work. Tuesday is bright and sunny, with blue sky and fluffy white clouds, again I’ve already had a conversation with a friend, albeit via messenger, and I’ve got work to do so must dash. Just had to run my boss’ car up to the garage, it’s an automatic, with a deflating tyre, pulls to the right and had a handbrake on the dashboard. All in all, I was very glad to get out of it!

What do you think..?

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