I had a cat sleeping on my head for most of the night, followed by two wake-up calls from the wee man at 12ish and 5ish. Peanut came toddling into our room asking for ‘Up’, which isn’t the film (loved the prologue, not worried at all about the rest of it – the only Pixar film I’ve watched once and am not worried about watching again, but I digress), but him asking to come into bed with us. He curled up next to me, feet like icicles as he’d taken his socks off, gave me ‘cugg-les’ and ‘misses’, then again, lying on my head he fell asleep.

I dozed next to him, but having your face squashed by 13 kilos of solid toddler, isn’t conducive to restful sleep, we were already late to bed watching the end of the Test Match from Trent Bridge. I was a bit jaded this morning to say the least, and very much on a go slow thanking my lucky stars I didn’t have to catch a train to work.

Everything ready, get in the car. Doesn’t start. The battery had ceased to be. One RACV call out and $192 later, we were off. Hubs had left the boot open all night long, because he was going to bring the rest of the shopping in. He didn’t bring the shopping in, and as Peanut’s birthday bike was in the boot, I’m very relieved we didn’t have someone walk past and take it.

The lady who’s training me isn’t in the office today, and I’ve just spent half an hour looking for something on the computer. I’ve just made a cup of tea and I’m very much looking forward to my book at lunch time.

What do you think..?

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