Ten on Tuesday (Friday) – Things I like to do on my own edition

Apologies this is late, I gave myself an early night last night after surviving Spawn of Satan from the night before. Hubs stayed up to watch the rest of Australia’s first innings in the Ashes, and was very glad he did, given the records that were tumbling all night long. For some reason the whole house slept well last night, I don’t care for why – we’re just very grateful! I said yesterday about what blogs I wanted to put up, the Dustin Hoffman video will go up over the weekend, but here is my Ten On Tuesday for this week:

1. Reading – singularly my most favourite activity. Although not very active. I don’t feel normal unless I’ve read something daily. I’ve nearly always got at least two, usually more books on the go at any one time.

2. Going to the cinema – this I discovered when no-one wanted to come and watch the original Toy Story with me. Mad fools. It’s something I love doing still and means I get to watch what I want to watch. The only problem is lining up something decent to view with when I can go.

3. Having a bath – can’t remember the last time I had one, not that I’m whiffy, but this is usually combined with number 1 too.

4. Going for a walk – love this. Clears my head, puffs me out and I get to look at something other than a computer.

5. Going to the zoo – yes, I may be telling you that I brought the annual pass for Archie, but really it’s for me so I can look at the elephants.

6. Grocery shopping – so much easier without a small boy trying to grab stuff of the shelves, or a big boy putting contraband into the trolley or complaining he’s there in the first place.

7. Going to the gym – I’m not one for step or zoomba classes. I’m too unco-ordinated, so I’ll just quietly go and do my Stin Hansen workouts thank you.

8. Sleep – sleep, oh how I love you. Oh how I miss you. I’m going to check myself into a nice hotel and sleep for 18 hours when I can afford it.

9. Colouring in – I’m not very crafty, cross-stitching is pretty much my limit. But this I love, and always have done.

10. Writing – probably the most important? Something I’m going to carve time out to get going again in my life.

So a lot of these things I’ve not been able to do, because I’ve not had time to. I can’t tell you how much more time working here has given us all week already. I’m waiting for payroll to confirm they’ve sent over my details to the gym, when that’s done I’ll be ringing up for my induction, and then programming the majority of all ten of these into our diary. We’ve had an odd week insofar that Hubs has had a couple of late starts, so it’s not been ‘normal’ by any stretch of the imagination, we’re also waiting for the next semester of his course to start too. Next week we’ll be more on track, and after that we’re both hoping it gets easier from there on in.

Life – that doesn’t mean you can throw us another curve ball, OK?

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday (Friday) – Things I like to do on my own edition

  1. We’re contemplating a zoo membership so that we can go whenever and not feel like we have to see everything, because we can always come back again for no additional cost… Sounds like we might have to make times to meet at the zoo!


  2. I love going to the movies–and out to dinner–alone, too. When I lived in New York, I went to the little art movie house in town every Tuesday night (discount tickets!), no matter what they showed. I loved sitting exactly where I wanted and fixing my popcorn exactly how I liked it (Junior Mints mixed in!).


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