A new start and a bumpy night

Well, I’m in my new role. On my fourth day, I have a window seat looking out at beautiful gum trees and busy learning new systems and processes. I left home at 8:04 and was at my desk at 8:08, taking my coat off and grinning at the extent of my commute.

I’ve cleaned my desk, brought in my keyboard and mouse, much to IT’s horror, but their horror wasn’t the same as mine at the state of the one that was left for me to use *shudder* I’ve got my reference material and pens (pens are friends), my family pictures up and while I’ve a lot of stuff, compared to some desks, it’s Spartan. It is also the most casual office I’ve ever worked in, I do look a bit out of place in my suits, but hey, that’s me.

It’s a bit of an unusual couple of weeks, as my immediate boss is acting up to CEO, so my role is a bit up the air at the moment. It will settle down soon, but it also gives me a chance to learn my way around the computer system and so on.

So, this here bumpy night was last night. Oh my. I crashed at 9pm, was woken up that many times with one thing and another, I honestly feel like we had a newborn again. I was reading the Gruffalo at 12:30, trying to persuade him that he did not need another bottle, but at 1:40 am when he said ‘I’m hungry’ he got given one. With the vain hope that he’d finally settle down. Did he heck.

We worked so hard to get rid of all but his bedtime bottle, but since he was ill a few months ago, and wasn’t eating – he does not want to let them go again. I know that he just lays on his mattress at nursery and gets himself off to sleep, but good grief, if he doesn’t start sleeping soon at night, I think Hubs and I are going to keel over. I’m at a loss as to what to do, I’m trying not to give into him, but him screaming the house down isn’t helping anyone, let alone him as he either falls asleep in his lunch or before they’ve had a chance to give it to him altogether.

Answers on a postcard to…

If this doesn’t make sense, I’m sorry, but I’m not today. I don’t know my ar$e from my elbow. I do have some blogs I want to write up, like what I got up to over my week off, including the 5 or 6 epiphanies I had on my long walk on Monday; Carole has asked for ten things you like doing on your own for Ten On Tuesday; and also the Dustin Hoffman 3 minute 11 second video I posted onto my wall on Facebook yesterday. It knocked me sideways but I just need to gather my thoughts on that before I can be coherent.

I’ll just leave you with this, we’ve had breakfast together twice this week. As a family, as Hubs has had a couple of later starts. Despite Peanut’s best efforts last night, he was read to this morning by both of us, we all got dressed in leisure and then was dropped into nursery by his Dadda. I’ve been able to set off a load of washing on timer every day, go home and hang it out at lunch time, today I also made my lunch, ate it at home and was still back at my desk on time.

Frabjous joy.

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