On Gwyneth Paltrow

I’m still straddling both camps, still reading English newspapers online, so this vitriolic piece on Gwyneth Paltrow in the Grauniad really upset me last week. It’s one of those typical, non-entity, non-newsworthy, non-stories, written apparently just to fill a space on a page. This line had me incandescent with rage:

Paltrow’s unapologetic determination simply to carry on being herself has provoked a barely concealed fury.

What the f*** does that actually mean? I love GOOP, I love the recipes; which when you’re struggling to find anything tasty without gluten in, some of them have popped up to be some real gems, now family staples. I love looking at the fashion, because I think people forget that fashion isn’t about what you wear every day, that is style. Fashion is about being out there and in your face, and if there is one place you’re going to get roasted for not looking your best and in your face, it’s on a red carpet.

I love that she has her tongue firmly in her cheek too, (check out the bangle flask in this week’s edition if you don’t believe me). Yes, sometimes the articles are beyond parody. One did the rounds on how successful women juggle their lives, shock! They pay for help! All of them interviewed, bar Stella McCartney had nannies, most had cleaners, or personal assistants. So what? If I could, I’d hire a wife to look after me.

But I think what really pisses the press of though is Gwyneth’s refusal to bow to the party line. She doesn’t take her husband to many events, and vice versa, as they’re fiercely private of their lives. They’re fully aware as soon as they step out together, they’re followed, papped and their acknowledgment of this and way of working round it, just does not give the press the pictures they want.

I stopped buying most magazines a few years ago, I don’t even flick through the gossip magazines at the doctors – they’re vile. I don’t even click on entertainment ‘news’. Consequently, I am well out the loop on what is going on with most celebrities, unless they give their child a stupid frickin name, then it’s every where and you can’t hide from it.

But what about Apple I hear you ask? Their response was, ‘What about Holly?’ they reminded everyone that other girls names are linked with beautiful things, flowers and fruit, why not Apple.

Either way, like Anne Hathaway, I do not understand how you can ‘hate’ celebrities for doing what they’re doing. My bug-bear is Nicole Kidman. “I’m not red-headed, I’ve not had surgery”. I don’t hate her, I feel sorry that she’s trying to delude herself and not be herself. Which brings me back to GP, carry on love. If I’ve learnt one thing this week, being yourself is the only thing you have got.

What do you think..?

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