Down and out

Well, that was a fun two and a bit hours.

Shot off an email to a friend, said “I must go, I need to collect Peanut in 8 minutes”, closed the email, shot out the door. No keys. Had grabbed my sunglasses, purse and phone (thank goodness), but all four doors to the house were solidly locked.

Phone Hubs, no answer. Texted Hubs, no answer. Phone again, still no answer. Texted again, still no answer. Phoned childcare, said I won’t be there for at least an hour if I have to walk, and if I can get hold of Hubs, he’ll be at least an hour too. Phoned landlord, who’s in bed recovering from stomach surgery, no answer.

Mild frustration is now setting in, so I try to break into the house. At least I can solemnly report, from my ham-fisted efforts, we’re safe.

Try Hubs desk phone, success. He leaves work to collect the wee man, I’m now wondering what to do with myself on a blustery cold winters evening. Landlord suggests I walk to the leisure centre at the end of the road, at least I’ll be warm. I decide to try the library. Get halfway there, remember I’ve left the hammock on the frame, it’s windy, it’s now by a window, if it falls over…

Turn around head back home, unhook hammock. Walk to library, the one day it’s closed? Thursday. Head back to the local supermakardo, more like an inconvenience store really, but they have an off-licence/bottle shop. After hunting high and low, I find a pre-mixed G&T. Zip up hoody and walk home guzzling from the can, feeling like a hooligan.

I’m sat on the front step texting a friend who’s laughing uncontrollably at my peril when Hubs arrives home with Peanut. The only solace? I’d made a vat of bolognese sauce so dinner was practically ready to go, all bar cooking pasta. Up until then, it had been a great day, as I’d also made a vat of curry and chilli con carne and defrosted the freezer downstairs to store it all in.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember my arse from my elbow?

One thought on “Down and out

  1. PMSL at the visual of you walking along with a pre-mix…
    At least you didn’t lock your child inside and have to resort to throwing a brick through the window (as I did about 9-10 months ago…)


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