Signs of OCD

This article was illuminating, although one was alarming.

  1. Hand-washing – nope (as in I don’t do obsessively)
  2. Overzealous cleaning – guilty
  3. Checking behaviour – nope
  4. Counting – guilty, not as bad as I used to be, but still count stairs (amongst other things)
  5. Organisation – *cough*
  6. Fears of violence – odd one this, surely everyone has it to a degree?
  7. Unwanted sexual thoughts – WTF (no pun intended)
  8. Dwelling on relationships – had to physically teach myself out of this one
  9. Seeking reassurance – guilty
  10. Hating your looks – guilty, guilty, guilty

So does that make me partly OCD, or CDO – as the letters are in the right order? Who knows, I do know that I need to stop going through emails, as my allotted time is now up.

What do you think..?

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