So long, and thanks for all the fish

Good Afternoon,

My last email to y’all, I find it easier to type about this (believe it or not!), hence my reticence to speak at tea today.

The past three years have been large in my little family’s life (please note, this list is also in the correct format, thank you K):
· We moved house three times
· I pranged the car once, got it fixed, for someone else promptly prang me
· We became an Aunt (or an Uncle if you happen to be married to me) three times, but twice on the other side of the world, to children we’re watching grow up through the wonders of Skype
· We got a cat, one Chief Brody
· I helped row one beloved person out on their final journey, but again had to wait by the phone, too often, for news from the other side of the world
· Most importantly, we became a parents.

More stuff happened than I care to think about, and certainly not list line by line, but to say these past three years have been eventful would be an understatement, and today is no exception. Hubs is revving up for an exam at 6pm for his Masters in Project Management. Peanut is getting ready to graduate from one room to another, but will celebrate with his toddler friends with cake, because tomorrow our sweet little man turns two. Yes, two.

I’ve learned a lot about myself. I also made some beautiful friends who I know are going to be with me for life. And for that, I will always be grateful to work. From the bottom of my heart thank you for:
· the laughs
· the tears
· the chocolate
· the alcohol, I definitely make it Pimms O’clock!
· the chocolate
· the pancakes
· the giggles in the Team Meetings
· the chocolate
· the general joie de vivre of people willing and cheering each other along
· our new vista
· the chocolate
· the sheer unadulterated filth of the fridges and microwaves, oops – sorry, I shouldn’t thank you for that, I should nag you to clean them.

So, please take it as read that whenever you open the fridge, I’ll be tutting at the state of them again, chuntering at the exploded food in the microwaves again, complaining that I work with a bunch of bears with clothes on again, as I wipe down the kitchen – AGAIN.

But then take a long, hard look to whose standing on either your left or right, because I’m so very proud to have worked with the loveliest bunch of big-hearted, generous people. People who specialise in pulling rabbits out of hats, and continue to meet daft expectations and ever-moving goalposts with a stoic shrug and a ‘Here we go again’, so I guess you can’t be good at everything.

But seriously, you could catch listeria or something, clean it up! Be strong, be brave, be vocal, be there for each other.

To all of you, from me. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
M x

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