Ten On Tuesday – May Edition

Carole has asked about 10 things we’re looking forward to in May, here is my list:

1. Restarting Project 333. I love living with less.
2. Winter stews, it’s definitely winter Down Under, I’ve got my gloves out and everything.
3. Running. Yes, you did read that right.
4. Long winter evening means curling up with a good book, I’ve been given a whole stack of them to wade through.
5. With winter arriving, long walks in crisp, cold air with a warming coffee at the end of them are in order.
6. Hot water bottles and extra blankets as I read all those books in bed. One of my guiltiest and blissful pleasures!
7. DVD boxed sets. I’m working my way through Miss Marple with Joan Hickson at the minute, I’m loving them.
8. Revving up for Peanut’s second birthday, it’s at the end of June, but it’ll be here before we know it.
9. Cuddles with my husband. It’s too blooming hot during the rest of the year, so we love these months when we can spoon, like we used to in the UK.
10. Mind you, I wish this year would slow down – I’d only just got my head around us being in March, and already April’s left us.

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