In the past 18 hours I’ve deleted Facebook and Twitter off my phone.

Reading about the Boston Marathon on the train in tears, with no tissues (natch), pushed me into a decision I’ve been hovering around for weeks.

I’m done.

I’m done attempting to socialise with people by sharing memes, funny pictures, and my random thoughts, which leads me to be constantly checking my phone for a response, (anyone? anywhere?) after I’ve posted something.

I’m done with making this gadget my primary focus, when life is slipping by me each week. This isn’t about will power, studies have shown smartphones change your brain so that you do get addicted to them.

I love being able to have my emails, podcasts and music in one place, but that’s where it ends.

People can keep in contact with me the old fashioned way, via phone, emails, texts. I’ve already set up a blog to share photos of Peanut with my parents, I’ll send more people the link and password. You know where I am, I know where you are, let’s meet. Let’s talk. Let’s communicate, just not by using social media, which was fine for the majority of our lives until now!

I’m going to sit here on the remainder of my journey in to work and look long and hard at this screen, delete the apps I don’t use and wrestle control back from Mr Jobs.

I’m done.

What do you think..?

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