Practicing what I preach

I’m starting a new business. It’s something I’ve um-ed and ah-ed about for a while, but something I need to do for me. I used to tidy my grandparent’s cupboards when I was little, I was born to do this. So why haven’t I before now?

Confidence. Or severe lack of. I never believe I can achieve anything. I set myself ridiculous targets, miss them by miles and get defeated. But not this time. I’m starting small, I’ve put the word out I’d like to help someone organise their closet, or their kitchen, or their paperwork. I need to raise an invoice to get a business name and number registered, but I need a business name to raise an invoice. I’ll keep you posted, but with the help of the lovely Audrey, I’ve got a website up and running, when I’ve got some things going I will register the domain properly and go from there. Please keep visiting Out On A Limb as I add content to it.

Baby steps. I watch Peanut practice tasks over and over, I’ve said before he’s my little zen master, he’s taught me so much already in his short life. The joy he gets from recognising different things and naming them is eye-opening.

But this blog is about me practicing, asking of myself what I will be coaching others to do. So tonight, I’ve culled a load of paperwork from my side of the office desk and tidied it up. I pinned up the pictures I’ve been saving to make the space mine. Yesterday I did the ironing that was waiting in the basket, instead of waiting until Sunday to do it when it reached Matterhorn-esque proportions. I’m determined to do something every night, so that at the end of the week, it all adds up to a lot.

I chose Out On A Limb, because for some people, going right out there is what it takes for them to change. I’ve made a forced life decision. Instead of standing at a cross-roads and letting life run me over, this week I decided to bend down and pick up the map to the life that has been waiting for me.

What do you think..?

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