Ten on Tuesday – childhood edition

I’m typing this on my phone, so I won’t preamble too much. Things I miss from my childhood:

1. Those endless summer days playing on the beach with my brother and any number of other children. We’d be as brown as berries by the end of the summer holidays.
2. Greengages. My maternal grandparents had a patch of wild ground at the back of their house, it used to be an orchard. I’d eat them until I was sick of them.
3. Picnics. I still love them now.
4. Camping. We went camping with our parents for our two week holiday every year, the smell of canvas always invokes happy memories.
5. Flying kites, somewhat of a family tradition now!
6. The rainy day box, most people just remember the hot days, but I loved the box of goodies that mum would bring out when it hoofed it down. From new colouring books, to playdoh, to dressing up, it was toys that were saved for when nothing else would keep us quiet.
7. The local cinema showing Disney re-releases. My brother and I saw all the classics on the big screen.
8. Not swimming training. Sounds silly, but the six week summer holiday also meant six weeks off training, the only time I’d be in water would be at the beach.
9. Visiting the library more than once a week, I could go daily if I wanted to.
10. This. My best toy that my brother broke. I still think of it fondly!

One thought on “Ten on Tuesday – childhood edition

  1. I always coveted a treehouse toy… Can you imagine my delight when I discovered that Pete’s folks had kept his sisters?! Practically mint condition! It’s currently with my niece and nephew, but I hope to have a play sometime soon!


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