A moving and a shaking

I’m stopping this blog and starting another one. This one is now too unwieldy where I’ve merged three blogs into one, and despite my best efforts, I have a thousand and one categories, which is far more than is recommended.

I’ve found a lovely girl who can design me a bespoke version, although it means me moving to another platform. I’m still thinking about what to call the blog, and trying to find a name that has got a empty domain next to it too. I also need to have a think about what I want the blog to become. Do I want it random witterings, or do I actually want to promote something through it, namely me.

I had a counselling session yesterday, which was epic and unlocked a lot of stuff, I came out with a weight off my shoulders, but as always counselling will raise more questions than it will answer to start off with. We tried to clear some specific areas that will give me more confidence, and also release my creative side.

I’ll keep you posted, but if you’ve any ideas what I can call myself, please let me know.

What do you think..?

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