Ten on Tuesday – thankful

Being an English ex-pat, living in Australia, Thanksgiving isn’t high up in the list of festivities we celebrate. However, there are always reasons to be grateful, here are my ten today.


1. My husband, an ever gentle, loving presence in my life.
2. That together we made our perfect boy, who makes me laugh every day.
3. That the three of us are a complete family, we talked again last night about how ‘one and we’re done’ was the right decision for us.
4. Our house is filled with love, laughter and joy.
5. That our boy and all his cousins are happy and healthy.
6. The gift of reading, and that our boy loves books too. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had the Very Hungry Caterpillar given to us to read to him, Hairy MacLary is also a firm favourite.
7. A house with a garden for us to grow vegetables in, and room for Peanut to run around.
8. This morning we all ended up in our bed, which was a lovely start to the day. Something that normally only happens at weekends.
9. Getting ready to go on holiday. Always a busy time, but the prospect of squishing sand between my toes as a reward is tantalising!
10. That in a few weeks, we will be working from a new office. Anyone that’s seen where we are now will understand why I’m looking forward and am very grateful for this!

What do you think..?

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