Ten on Tuesday (Sunday) – Things on my mind edition

I completely missed Carole’s blog this week. The Public Holiday here in Melbourne, for a horse race, threw everything out. As did having a sick toddler. But here are the things that are on my mind at the moment:

  1. The house, will we ever get straight? While I got fed up of my books being all out-of-order and just sorted them out on Tuesday, (and believe me I feel much better for doing that.), we’re still finding things in random cupboards. The colours on the walls are driving me to distraction all I want to do is paint everything white, move the picture hooks around so they suit our pictures and prints, and hang things up instead of having them under the bed in the spare room. The house-warming is in a couple of weeks, and while people aren’t coming to look at the house, they are coming to look at the house. I know I shouldn’t worry about this, but I do.
  2. Clothes for QLD I brought a pair of shorts to wear last weekend as I knew it was going to be hot. But that is it, I only have a pair of shorts. All my t-shirts I had last year are too big, so I’m wearing them in bed as nighties, I need to go shopping for clothes for the three of us. I hate clothes shopping, I’ve got my work wardrobe sorted out, but now summer is here, my casual wardrobe needs some effort on it to help it catch up.
  3. Work too much to do, not enough time to do it in.
  4. Moving offices enough said!
  5. Childcare for some reason, we’re $1000 in credit with them. Well, we know why, they kept taking money out of our account. Despite us requesting for it to be paid back, we’re still waiting. I’m also still apprehensive about the biting children in Peanut’s room. Have they really sorted it out?
  6. What will it be like to work in a city again? While I miss London, Melbourne CBD is beckoning when I get back to work in January. Training it in again will be interesting. I’m seriously fed up with driving in at the moment. It took me two hours to get home on Wednesday night as a bus broke down, on a hill, in the middle of rush hour, and there was no where for the traffic to go. The next morning, it was bumper-to-bumper again and took me 90 minutes to get into work. I’ve asked if I can work from home more until we move offices as interim measure. It’s either that or my clutch foot will fall off and I remain being grumpy cow for the next 4-5 weeks.
  7. The neighbours if they don’t stop having a conversation from one end of the house to the other shouting at the top of their voices soon…
  8. The C word I hate Christmas. I hate the commercialism of it. I hate how we’re expected to lie to our son about Father Christmas, because if we don’t we’re going to be the parents who ruin it for everyone else. Well you know what? I’m not going to lie to him about Father Christmas. I want to bring him up to be truthful and honest, and no it is not a bit of fun, it’s peer pressure. Finding out it’s your parents all along is devastating. I also hate that because half my friends and family live in the UK, I have to think about the ‘festivities’ way before Christmas is anywhere near. Mind you, that is all I ever do, think about it. I don’t actually do anything about it, thanks to internet shopping. In case you’re wondering, I also get annoyed over Easter too, it isn’t all about chocolate, or rabbits.
  9. Getting a cat when we get back from QLD, we’re going to the local rescue centre to be chosen by a cat. To say that I’m excited about this is an understatement. I miss having a cat in the house, and have done since 2005. Seven years without a cat is the longest I’ve been without one.
  10. What to cook for dinner? To be fair, my next meal is never far from my mind full stop. Tonight though, I don’t have a clue what to do.

What do you think..?

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