Ten on Tuesday – things I did this weekend

Not sure if I’ll be able to link this back to Carole’s blog, but here are ten things I did this weekend:
1. Moved house
2. Cleaned lots of cupboards
3. Unpacked boxes, found nowhere to put some things, re-packed some boxes
4. Rearranged the kitchen, repeat. And again, we’re still not happy with it.
5. Went swimming with Interchange, 4 autistic boys who are all non-verbal, love water gave me a break from my life.
6. Had a well earned siesta.
7. Ate pizza, Thai and a carpet picnic before finally cooking dinner last night.
8. Got drunk, for the first time in ages.
9. Admired the view from our deck.
10. Felt more than a bit overwhelmed with ‘stuff’

The view: