Clearing my head, creating a task list

When I completed my PA training through Today’s PA, Paul shared with us how to complete a weekly review. Most weeks I get to complete it on Friday afternoons as planned, so I can come in on Monday and know what I’m doing. Sometimes I get to do it on the Monday first thing, which is ok, but this week, I ended up doing it on Wednesday. Which is not so good. There may be things that fell out my head over the weekend, never to be retrieved.

The review has different headings which you use as prompts to think about to clear your head, add things to your task list you might forget, and basically to help you get everything down on paper, so you don’t have to remember anything. He encourages us to carry a notebook with us, so we also can make a note of whatever we get asked when we move around the office, again so we don’t have to remember everything. It’s so effective, I use it in all areas of my life. Part of the review is also to rummage around in your handbag and purse for those little scraps of paper we accumulate too. How many phone numbers have I stared at wondering who on earth they were for?

Down the bottom of my headings is Five Year Plan, this one is for Hubs and I. Today I wrote “Let’s get through this month first!” We’re moving house in two days, I’m sat at the computer in the dining room, instead of in the spare room at the desk, because the spare room is filled with packed boxes. The house is in chaos, which doesn’t make an ideal space for clarity of thoughts I can tell you. So while my thoughts are somewhat in turmoil as we get to those last-minute things you can’t pack before now, I wondered about what I’m projecting at work? Am I showing everyone that my home life is chaotic at the moment, although, that will get resolved over the next few weeks. Somewhat more importantly, am I showing everyone that I’m rapidly running out of patience? Despite the decision I made last week, I’ve hidden the blog post, it was too easy to identify with what I’m struggling with at work, sorry folks. I can tell I will have to project a different attitude tomorrow at work, my last day in the office for over a week while the move goes ahead. But, I’m expecting a difficult conversation at least once during the day.

So why a list? I’ve tried mind-mapping, it doesn’t work for me, believe it or not, I get frustrated when the curly shapes don’t match up and if my handwriting goes skew-iff *face palm* I guess I’m too logical and need the dot points to spur me on, either that or in some areas I just need to accept my CDO (OCD with the letters in the correct order, as they should be) is just stronger in some areas of my life. Sitting down to work out what I want to achieve and ticking things off has always been the most effective way for me to work. However, I’m not that inflexible to not recognise that when something larger, more urgent comes along, I have to clear things down to concentrate on that.

I’m hoping, despite my worst efforts in completing my weekly review far later than normal, that the next day and a half of work will be productive, because at the moment, the largest, most urgent, thing at the forefront of my mind is moving house on Friday. So many things are pinned on the success of this move, it’s quite scary.

What do you think..?

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